The Physical Fitness Extract file can only be created in Aeries Web version for the 2018-19 school year forward. Aeries Client can be used to create Physical Fitness Extract files for school years up to 2017-18. This article includes directions for both methods.

Physical Fitness Extract for Reporting to the State - Web

The Physical Fitness Extract screen is used to create the Physical Fitness (PFT) file that will be uploaded to the state.  This file contains student data and test results for physical fitness reporting in the format required by the most recent Physical Fitness Test (PFT) Student Data File Layout.  

The Physical Fitness Extract screen can be found in School Info | Imports and Exports | Physical Fitness Extract in the navigation, or by typing fitness in the page filter. The Security for Physical Fitness Testing article explains the permissions needed to use this screen.

Prior to creating the extract file in Web we highly recommend running the error report and correcting all errors.  The error report can be generated from the Physical Fitness Extract screen or from the Physical Fitness Test Error report in the Reports tab.  All errors should be cleared prior to creating the Physical Fitness extract file.

All school settings, code translations, and extract options should be verified/set up prior to creating the extract file. Physical Fitness Extract settings are stored in the District Options (DPT) table.

Clicking on the School Settings header will open up the tab to display the schools to include in the extract. All schools will display in the School Settings tab along with their school number. Inactive schools, schools tagged as DNR (do not report), and Summer Schools will be enclosed in **s. The County, District, School and Charter# codes will automatically display from the School Options (LOC) screen.  The All, None and Default buttons can be used to quickly select the schools that will be included in the extract, or schools can be selected individually by clicking in the selection boxes. Click on the Save button to save any changes to this tab.

NOTE: To enter/ update the Charter# go to the School Options screen, select the school, click on the Change button, enter/edit the Charter school number in the Charter field and click on Update to save the changes.

Click on the Code Translations header to review the Parent Education Level and the NSLP Code values. These codes are the same codes that are used for CALPADS reporting. A link to the CALPADS Extracts page is also provided in this tab for users with permission to the CALPADS Extracts screen.  Users that do not have permission to the CALPADS Extracts screen will not see the message or the link.

Click on the Create Extract header to review/update the extract options and create the file. The Reset Defaults button will reset the Date Range, Grade(s) and Honor Reporting Home School options back to their default values. Click on the Save Settings button before creating the extract file or leaving the screen. We highly recommend running the Physical Fitness Error Report and clearing all errors prior to creating the extract file. A  link to the Error Report is included in the yellow information box. 

Click on the Create Physical Fitness File button to create the extract file. A Loading message will display at the top of the page while the system is processing the file. 

Once the file is created it will display in the File Download area at the bottom of the screen. Click on the download icon to download the extract file. The downloaded file can then be uploaded through the California Physical Fitness Test District Portal.

NOTE: The Physical Fitness Extract supports the nonbinary gender value 'N' in the Gender field of the extract per the 2018-19 Physical Fitness Test Student Data File Layout.  Any user-defined non-Male or non-Female gender in the Code (COD) table will be translated to a "N" in the extract.

Create Fitness File for Reporting to the State - Client

The Create Fitness Files for Reporting to State is used to create the Student.txt file and is available in Aeries Client Version.  When created, the Student.txt file contains student data and physical fitness test results for physical fitness reporting.

Prior to creating the PFT file in the Client the Error Report must be generated and all errors MUST be corrected.  The Error Report can be generated from the Create Fitness Extract form or from the Physical Fitness Testing form.  If a report displays containing a list of errors they must be corrected prior to creating the PFT file.  The Create button will be disabled until all errors are corrected.

On the Schools tab the County, District and School codes will automatically display from the LOC table.  If this is a Charter School enter the school number in the Charter Sch# field. 

At the top of the form there are two tabs, the Parent Education Level and the NSLP Code.   These tabs will be used to convert the data in Aeries to the CALPADS codes.  To load the Cross Reference with the District data, click on the Load District XRF button.


The Grade to update will automatically default to the proper grade.  A message will display indicating which Testing Admin records will be extracted to the Student.txt file. Verify the Path to the Fitness Text Files is correct.

If student’s Reporting Home School is different than the current school these students can be skipped if the Skip Rptg Home School option is selected.  The Create button will remain disabled until the Error Report is generated from this form and there are no errors. 

Any active student that does not have a PFT record for the Testing Admin displayed MUST have a record created.  Notice below the Error indicates Student missing Physical Fitness data. If the students that display on this report did not take the test they can be mass added to the PFT table and be included in the Student.txt file. Please note that beginning with the Spring 2014 test administration the State no longer requires the Incomplete Test or Not Tested reasons, however schools may want to populate this information for their own purposes.

To add these students, click on the Mass Add Fitness Records button.  An option form will display to select the Not Tested Reason code that will be used for ALL students that are mass added to the PFT table.  Click on the Reason Code and then click on the OK button. 

The Date Input form with the Test Date will default to 04/01/20xx but a new date can be entered.  Click on the OK button.  In order to enable the Create button the Error Report must be generated.  If all errors have been corrected on the Error Report the Create button will display. 

Click on the Create button to create the Student.txt file.  A message will display with the number of students added to the file and the folder where the file was saved.  The following message will display if there is an existing Student.txt file in the same location of the path selected. To save the file, click on the Yes button to create a backup of the Student.txt file.

A Save in box will display and will default to the Path to Fitness Text Files and the File name will default to Student_bkup.txt.  The Save in location and File names can be changed. Click on the SAVE button. 

Backup Fitness Text Files - Client

The Backup Fitness Text Files is utilized to make a backup copy of the Student.txt file for safe-keeping.   The backup will create a copy of the text file.  To create the backup copy, click  on the Backup Fitness Text Files option.  The following Save in box will display.  The Save in location will default to the Path to Fitness Text Files and the File name will default to Student_bkup.txt.

The Save in location and File name can be changed. Click on the SAVE button.  A message will display with the location and file names.