The Print Physical Fitness Error report will generate a listing of students with various PFT errors.  An option screen will display that will allow you to select different errors and options when the report is generated. The option screen will look slightly different depending on where the error report is run from. When the error report is run from the district it will include a school selection area and all K - 12 grade levels available in the school district. When the error report is run from the school it will include the grade levels available at that school.

The Include Inactive Students option will include any inactive students that have a Physical Fitness (PFT) record with an error.

The Group By options are available when the Sort By options are by Student Name or by Grade

The Physical Fitness Error report can also be run from the Physical Fitness Extract screen. 

Physical Fitness Extract page - Error Report link

When the error report is run from this screen several of the options are hidden as they are hard-coded based on the state reporting guidelines:

  • grade levels are set to 5, 7 and 9
  • Limit by Test Admin is set to the current year testing administration (SPRG## )
  • Include Inactive Students - inactive students will be included if they have a Physical Fitness (PFT) record for the current testing administration
  • Honor Reporting Home School is set to the option selected on the Physical Fitness Extract screen

NOTE: The Errors printed on this report are determined by the most recent Physical Fitness Test Student Data File Layout that is provided by the State.  Please review the Student Data File Layout to become familiar with the Acceptable Values set up by the State.  Any value that is NOT acceptable will create an error in the Testing Vendor software and WILL BE REQUIRED to be fixed manually

NOTE: The Show “Reason” Warnings (Not Tested, Incomplete Test) and the Hide Race/Ethnicity Warnings are now options on the Physical Fitness Test Error Report page.


The Physical Fitness Test Error Report will list any values other than what the State allows as defined by the Acceptable Values column of the Physical Fitness Test Student Data File Layout. The items on the Physical Fitness Test Error Report that are identified as "errors" must be reviewed and corrected before creating the file to be uploaded to the Testing Vendor. Fixing the errors within Aeries will minimize validation errors and maintenance when the data is uploaded to the Testing Vendor’s software. 

In prior years Districts have requested that we do not stop them from entering values that are higher than what the State says is valid.  For example, if a student completes 80 Push Ups they want to enter this value into Aeries, so we have altered the program to allow higher values to be entered than what the State accepts. In the Error Report example below, the Field Value column contains the number of push-ups that the student completed.

We show the Valid Values range according to the State and we also show the Value Loaded. The Value Loaded is the value that will be loaded into the file which in this case is the maximum value allowed according to the State's Acceptable Value.  Since we are going to only load the maximum value we consider this a "warning". These values do not have to be corrected in Aeries for the data to be accepted by the Testing Vendor, but are reported as a Warning for informational purposes. We do, however, recommend that the warnings are reviewed to ensure that the entered values are correct.

The following example of the Print Physical Fitness Error report displays some of the possible errors and warnings that could be printed when the report is generated.  


NOTE:  It is crucial that ALL errors that print on this report are corrected. The Physical Fitness file may produce validation errors when importing onto the state's site if the errors are not corrected. The warnings are only warning indicators that do not have to be corrected for the import to process but should be verified for accuracy.