See Alternative Education (Alt Ed) Scheduling - For Credit Recovery

The Alternative Education Scheduling - Quick Start Guide offers a simple method to mass update Course Requests and quickly schedule a student for Alternative Education. Review the Alt Ed Scheduling Course/Section Set-up and Alt Ed Scheduling Student Scheduling articles more detailed information.

Create a "placeholder" course that represents each period for Alternative Education Scheduling.

For schools who are not fully Alternative Ed and where the school setting Allow Individual Sections to be Flagged for Alt Ed Scheduling is enabled, a field for Alt Ed Sched Enabled will display on the section. Enable this flag in order for the section to be honored with the Alt Ed rules. This flag is also available on the Scheduling Master page.

Create a Course Request Packet for the Alternative Education Schedule. This will make it easier to add students to a full Alt Ed schedule quickly and easily. Students who are attending Alt Ed for their entire day will need a full schedule of placeholder classes to start with.

Create a Section for each teacher and each period in the school. If the school is using section staff, add the Staff to the section for each Alt Ed placeholder course created.

To add Course Requests to the students schedule, navigate to the Pages > Classes. Click the Edit button.

Confirm the Start Date for the new class and click on CrsReqPack button to add a New Course Request Packet.

Choose the Alt Ed Schedule Packet.  The Alt Ed Schedule Packet will add all the "placeholder" courses to the student's schedule.

Check the box on each period to select the Section Number and Teacher that should be assigned to the student. To view information details on a section, hover over the Information Icon (i).  A pop-up will display section information including: Section Number, Teacher Name, Grade Level, Scheduling Group, Team Course Group, Team Number, Semester Group, Class Max and Total Students Enrolled. In the Actual Crs field, type the desired Course. Once the Course displays, click the Course to select. Repeat this process for each scheduled period. Click the Trash Can Icon to delete any periods that do not apply to the student's schedule. When the schedule is complete, click the Save button.

The Classes and Course Attendance pages will reflect the correct Courses, Start Dates and End Dates. The student's schedule is complete.

On the Classes page, an Edit icon will display to the right of the Course name. The edit icon is used to update/assign the next course the student will be placed into based on their master agreement. Click on the Edit icon, a pop-up window will display for entering the Actual Course of Instruction.

Type the actual course number or the course title (partial input is supported) into the Course field. A drop-down of courses matching the input will appear. Click on the actual course to select it.  

Adjust the End Date and Start Date if needed and click Save.