Placeholder Courses and Sections need to be created per subject area.  Course information for the placeholder courses do not need to be populated.  The courses will be changed from the placeholder course to the actual appropriate subject level course for each Alternative Education student.  The Course Data from the actual Course will be used for CALPADS State Reporting.

In the example below, place holder courses and sections have been created for each subject area in the Master Schedule:

Sections in the Master Schedule:

  • Create sections by period/subject area.  Below is an example format:
    • Period 1 English/Lang Arts
    • Period 2 Math
    • Period 3 History
    • Period 4 Science
    • Period 5 Art/VP
    • Period 6 Foreign Language
  • Populate the section with the Alternative Ed teacher number
  • Populate the appropriate fields for the section including the following fields:
    • Education Service - MST.ESR
    • Language Instruction - MST.LI
    • Instructional Strategy - MST.INS
    • Funding Source -  MST.FS
    • CTE Provider - MST.TEP
    • Independent Study - MST.ISI
    • Distance Learning - MST.DLI

NOTE:  If any of the section information does not apply to all students in the section, separate sections may need to be created. Ex:  Several sections may need to be created for different Education Service codes for CALPADS reporting.