The Class Roster Report is used to print class rosters for teachers to keep track of their student’s attendance. There are many options when printing the class roster. For schools using Alternative Education Scheduling, it is recommended to sort the report by Teacher/Period, sort each sheet by Student Name and enable the option for Print Course with Student.

Navigate to View All Reports > Class Rosters

Schools with a Master Schedule will have the following options:

  • Grade Roster – Prints a grid for inputting marks and citizenship
  • Attendance Roster – Prints a grid for inputting attendance
  • Print for:  One Day or One Month
    •  When One Day is selected, a date field will be displayed. To include existing attendance on the One Day report, enter the appropriate date and select the Enrolled on Day Selected option
  • Specific Term – Select from school terms
  • Enter Att Month– Enter the attendance month in the box to print dates. If the month is set to zero, no dates will be printed
  • Additionally, When selecting an Att Month to print or when printing the One Day version, an additional Student Filter option will display to select:
    • Currently Enrolled - Students who are currently enrolled in that section
    • Enrolled During Month Selected - Students who were enrolled during the month selected according to Course Attendance dates or according to their Attendance Enrollment
  • Schedule Type – From Master Schedule or Scheduling Master Schedule
  • Sort Report by – Options for the order to print – Teacher/Section or Teacher/Period
  • Enter Track – Enter the attendance track to print if not all
  • Print Additional Lines – Will print additional lines at the bottom of the roster to add students not listed
  • Print Shading – Shades every other row for ease of viewing
  • Restart Number on New Page – Each teacher roster will begin with Page 1
  • Print Phone Number – The student’s phone number will print on the Class Roster
  • Print Course with Student - Will print the course title of the student's current class according to CAR next to the student's name. This option is only available when sort by Teacher/Period is selected.
  • Print Signature Line – Prints a signature line for the teacher to sign after absences are verified
  • Print Signature Time? – Adds Time under the signature line
  • Print Student Aliases – Prints the student’s alias name
  • Skip Teacher Assistants –Teacher Assistants will not be included on rosters
  • Include Sections From Other Schools - Sections from other schools will also print when the Teacher Multi-School Attendance feature has been configured. 
  • Hide Attendance – Will not print any student’s absences that have already been entered
  • Add fields to the printout – Allows specific fields to be selected for printing. However, there may be insufficient space to print all fields and the phone number
  • Select Sections to Print – Rosters can be filtered for selection by:  Teacher, Section, Period, Course, Subject Area, Department or Room

Example of Report  

With the recommended option to sort the report by Teacher/Period, Sort each sheet by Student Name and include the option to Print Course with Student, the report will display as follows.

For more detailed information regarding this report, see Class Rosters.