Setting Up Placeholder Periods

Course Request Packets

Changing Courses


The Classes page is used to schedule students. A message will display when the Alternative Education Scheduling option is enabled. Each student should be placed into a placeholder section for each alternative education course the student will be enrolled in. This placeholder class will remain the same while the student is enrolled in this environment. The office staff or Counselor can change the course to the actual course the student will be enrolled in and receiving credit for.

Setting Up Placeholder Periods  

On the Classes page in Edit Mode, add the appropriate period placeholder sections to the Alternative Education student.

Date fields will display at the top of the form if ATT (Attendance) and CAR (Course Attendance) have been initialized. 

The End Date for dropped classes and Start Date for new classes will display. These Course Attendance Effective Dates indicate the exact dates when the student will start a newly added class or end a class that has been dropped. 

The Start Date will default to the next valid school date and the End Date will default to the current date. Modify the dates if appropriate, for example: if a new student will be attending school today, change the Start Date to today's date.

To add a period placeholder section to a student's schedule, click on the Edit button. A Course/Current Class field will display. Enter the placeholder course name for the scheduled period and select the course from the drop-down.  

The available sections will display that were previously added to the Master Schedule and match the course selected. Click on the section to select it. An option to Show Section Info is available on the upper right corner of the window.

Confirm the Start Date for the new class is correct, select the appropriate section, then click Save.

The student below has been assigned multiple placeholder classes that will be used as the main section of each period. These section numbers will remain the same throughout the student's enrollment in the Alternative Ed courses. However, the course names will change as the students are moved in and out of classes.

Course Request Packets  

Course Request Packets can be set up for the placeholder sections. This will allow for quickly adding all the placeholder sections for a student.

On the Classes page in Edit mode, the CrsReqPack button can be used to mass add the placeholder sections.

The following will display. Select the Alt Ed Packet and click the Add Packet(s) button.

Changing Courses  

After the placeholder course/sections have been added, the course can be changed to the actual appropriate course that will be taught to the student.  

On the Classes page, an Edit icon will display to the right of the Course name.

Note: The Edit button is only used to add new sections, the Edit icon next to the Course name is used to change the placeholder course to the actual course.

Click on the Edit icon, a pop-up window will display for entering the Actual Course of Instruction.

Type the actual course number or the course title (partial input is supported) into the Course field. A drop-down of courses matching the input will appear. Click on the actual course to select it.  

Adjust the End Date and Start Date if needed and click Save.

The Classes page will now display the actual courses that the student will be taught. The Course title and course number have now changed, however, the section number will remain the same.

When the student completes a course and moves on to another course during the same period, repeat the process of changing the student's course ID by using the Edit icon to enter the new Actual Course. Adjust the End Date and Start Date if needed. Course Attendance (CAR) will be updated with the changes.