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The Import Test Results process will add any new ELPAC test parts into the Testing Control (CTL) table when the ELPAC data is uploaded into Aeries.

NOTE: The data file must be in the format defined in the ELPAC Student Data File Layout found on the ELPAC Test Administration Score Reporting website. Only the LEA ELPAC Coordinator has the necessary permissions in the TOMS site to download the Student Score Data Extract. Please note that the score reports available from the Online Reporting system are not in the correct format, the correct file (Summative Student Score Data Extract) can only be downloaded by the LEA ELPAC Coordinator from within TOMS. For more information on finding the correct ELPAC Student Score data file please see the Downloading ELPAC and IELPAC scores from TOMS article. 

Select the ELPAC Test Results file layout to import the ELPAC student results. When deciding which year file layout to use, select the file layout from the school year in which the results were downloaded, rather than the school year in which the test was taken. 

Import Test Results - Select the test/layout you want to import

Districts will download a .zip file that contains both a text (.dat) file and a caret-delimited (.csv) file from the testing vendor. The Import Test Results page has been programmed to import the caret-delimited (.csv) file.

Click on the Select File(s) to Load button, select the .csv file, and click on Open. Then continue to load and match the records.

Import Test Results - Select File(s) to Load

The Default Date for the ELPAC test results is not necessary as all records have testing dates. The Testing Administration for the test results is MMYY where MM is the month of the Testing Completed Date and YY is the year of the Testing Completed Date. They will be loaded into each student's TST record.

Import Test Results - Default Date and Testing Administration

The Student State ID is the primary identification in the ELPAC Student Results data files. It should be the first method used for matching students.

Import Test Results - Match Options

Click on the Print Unmatched Students button to print a report listing any students that were not able to be matched.

Import Test Results - Unmatched Students Report

The Edit button to the left of the test record can be used to manually match test records to students that may not have been matched during the match process or that may have been matched to an incorrect student. Please see the Import Test Results article for detailed instruction on how to do this.

Import Test Results - Match a student manually

The ELPAC Test Results import will add/update records to the Test Scores (TST) and Testing Exclusions (TEX) tables. After the import process has completed an email with summary information will be sent to the user that initiated the import.

Import Test Results - Completion Email for ELPAC