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In early 2021 LEA ELPAC Coordinators received a letter from CalTAC (California Technical Assistance Center) regarding a new ELPAC Student Score Data Extract Report that will only include scores for students that have completed all 4 domains or were partially tested and still received an overall performance level of 4. Per CalTAC the partially completed tests in 2019-20 needed to be deleted in the Student Information System (Aeries). To aid in the identification of the test scores that needed to be deleted CalTAC provided one or more spreadsheets which included the Student State ID and Test Dates of the partially completed ELPAC tests. 

The Special Processes tab has been added to the Import Test Results page as a means to input the spreadsheet information and delete the identified partially complete ELPAC test scores. The process will delete-tag the identified Test Scores (TST) records and add a Test Exclusions (TEX) record(s) for the student indicating that ELPAC scores for a particular date were deleted. If this is run at the School level it will only process students in that school, if it is run at the District level it will process students in the entire district.

The Security for the Special Processes tab is the same as for the Import Test Results page. Admin user accounts will be able to use this tab as well as non-admin user accounts with Mass Update to Test Scores (TST). Please review the Security for Import Test Results article for more information on security recommendations for the Import Test Results page.

Import Test Results - Special Processes tab

CalTAC will provide LEA's with an Excel spreadsheet that includes Student State ID's and the the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing test dates of ELPAC scores that need to be deleted from Aeries. Since this process will delete existing data it is always a good practice to back up the data prior to running this process.

Select the Delete ELPAC Partial Scores option from the Select Process dropdown.

Then either drag-and-drop the spreadsheet onto the blue area, or use the Choose a file link to select the file.

Import Test Results - Special Processes - Select a file

The records in the spreadsheet will display below the file upload area. The Select SSID Column dropdown should list the column that includes the students' SSID. If it does not then select the correct column. Click on the Delete ELPAC Partial Test Scores button to run the process.

Import Test Results - Special Processes - Select field that has SSID

As the process runs it will delete-tag any ELPAC Test Scores (TST) records for the students with matching State Student IDs and matching test dates. The process delete-tags the entire testing administration for that student including the Overall, Oral Language and Written Language scores for that testing administration since the entire test is considered "Not Taken". 

A new Testing Control Table (CTL) ELPAC Part 999 - "Partial Scores Delete"  record is created the first time the Delete ELPAC Partial Test Scores is run. As the Test Scores (TST) are delete-tagged new Test Exclusions (TEX) records are created for the students using this new test part and any unique test dates that were deleted from the Test Scores (TST) table.

In the below example the student took one ELPAC test part on 2/20/2020 and another one on 2/22/2020 so he received two Test Exclusions (TEX) records.

Testing Exclusions - Special Processes - Partial Scores Delete record

When the process has finished the page will refresh, a green message will pop up momentarily that the process has completed, and a completion email will be sent with a summary of the number of Test Scores (TST) records deleted and the number of Test Exclusions (TEX) records were added.

Import Test Results - Special Processes - Completion Email

The Print Students Who Had Records Deleted button will create a report of the students that have had ELPAC Test Scores (TST) records delete-tagged and Test Exclusions (TEX) records created. 

Import Test Results - Special Processes - Print Students Who Had Records Deleted button

The students' State ID is listed in the report so that it can be used to check against the spreadsheet that was used to run the process.

Import Test Results - Special Processes Report