The Student Groups page provides an easy way to create groups of students based on different criteria that can be used for reports, messaging or as a KEEP statement to work with a particular set of students. See Using a Student Group


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Creating a Student Group

Click on the Add button. A Group ID is automatically assigned.  Enter the Group Name and the Group Description.  The Created On and Expires On fields are optional, however the Created On date will populate with today’s date. If an Expires On date is populated, the Student Group will no longer be available for use after that date.  Choose whether this will be a Dynamic Group Analytics or STU-based.  

Teacher View allows the group to be visible to the teachers specified on the Associated Staff Members tab. Teachers can be added to this tab by clicking Add Staff and searching by Staff ID or Staff Name.  Once staff is selected, click the Add Staff button.  After the selected staff has been added, click the Save button.

The Communications View checkbox, available to Aeries Communications customers, allows the group to become available in Aeries Communications.  The group can be used for announcements and messaging.  For more information, see:  Aeries Communications Documentation.

When the options have been selected, click the Insert button

Student Group

When Dynamic Group is left blank, students are added manually based on Student ID, Counselor or Teacher/Class/Section. 

Click Load Students to add them to the group, then select the students you want to include.

Click on the triangle to add them and click Save.

Dynamic Group

If the Analytics option is selected, the user can select any number of Analytics Items to associate with this group. This allows the list of students contained in this group to be automatically updated when the Analytics Item is updated each evening.  It is recommended that this checkbox be selected only when no students are in the group.

Selecting multiple Analytic Items is supported. For example, selecting both SBAC ELA Most Recent - Standard Not Met and SBAC Math Most Recent - Standard Not Met, will include any students who scored a Standard Not Met - 1  on the Most Recent SBAC ELA OR Most Recent SBAC Math test.

Click Save to load the Students

STU-based Group

When this option is selected, a dropdown appears of the available Student Data (STU) fields that can be used to select the group. Use the Search box to find codes.

After selecting the STU field, the Field Values displays the existing codes in use for that field. Users have the choice of selecting one or more codes from the list or typing in comma-separated values.

Click Save to load the students.