Address changes are saved in the Address History table with start and end date.  This data will be included in the CALPADS Student Information (SINF) extract.

The student information data include demographic information about students. Most of these data should not change, such as dates of birth, gender, and races/ethnicities. Once these data become part of the students’ records in CALPADS, they do not have to be re-entered unless changes or corrections are required. The one piece of student information that is more likely to change is students’ address information.

The following tables are used with Attendance History.

ADH   - Address History:  stores a history of a student’s address with start and end dates

LGD   - Log Details:  logs changes to key STU fields, SSD.SUS and LAC.USS fields.


Aeries Web security will automatically include Address History permissions with the Student Data permissions.

It is very important for Aeries System Administrators to configure the proper SQL security permissions. Below are the recommended permissions for the new tables in Aeries CS/SQL:

  • Address History (ADH) - grant full permissions to anyone with Update or Insert to the STU table. You may grant Read permission to those with Read permission to the STU table, but it is not required.
  • Log Details (LGD) - grant Read and Insert permission to anyone with Read and Insert permission to the LOG table (probably everyone).

Student Data

A Change link displays on the Student Demographics page.

To change a students address, click the mouse on the Change link and the following popup will display.

Two options are available at the top center of the popup.

  • Fixing Bad Data – used when adjusting the existing address, ex: typo. No date ranges available.
  • Address Change – option will default.  Used when changing a students address.  start and end dates will display.

The Mailing (same) option will let you quickly duplicate the address.