Aeries offers two methods of address verification to map residential street addresses to proper school boundaries. This can be accomplished with the Aeries Streets Table, or with one of our partners, DecisionInsite. This article will focus on the Streets table.

The Street (STR) table contains mapping information for the different streets within each district.  This information can be hand entered or loaded into Aeries from a text file.  This table will contain the exact street name, number range of the address, if the address is odd or even, direction, city, zip code, grid code and map reference.

From the Pages navigation tree, search for Streets.

Below is an example of the Streets page.

The Street table will also store the School that a student should be enrolled in according to the street location for each grade level in the current year as well as the next school year.  Grades 13-18 can also be populated for the current year or the next year.

Note:  The Street table data should be originally populated in a test Database.  Once at least one Street (STR) table record exists, the address Validation process is enabled.