Residence and Mailing address changes are saved in the Address History (ADH) table with start and end date, and the student's current address is always stored in the Student Data (STU) table. The data in address history is used for state reporting purposes.

Security and Options

Normally when a user has Update permission to Student Data (STU), users will be able to change student addresses without requiring specific permission to Address History table. Address history (ADH) will be automatically updated accordingly. Additional permission can be granted to Address History (ADH) to allow users to view and/or update dates in Address History, and an Address History page will display in the navigation.

A district option exists to change this default behavior, and require Update permission to the Address History (AHS) table found in the User or Group security page before a student address can be changed. This option is found on the School Options page by selecting the District. 


NOTE: If this option is enabled, users only need Read permission to Student Data (STU) and require Update to Address History (ADH).

Changing Addresses

To update a student address, click the Change Address button on the Student Demographics page.

In the popup, two options are available.

  • Fixing Bad Data – used when adjusting the existing address, ex: typo. When this option is selected, effective dates are not updated.
  • Address Change – used when the student has moved. Effective dates are updated and their old address is kept in Address History. When no existing address history records exist (ADH), the date of 7/1/CurrentAcademicYear is used by default.

The Mailing (same) checkbox will let you quickly note that the mailing address is the same as the residential address.

Note: Although address changes are stored in ADH, the student's current address is always stored in STU.

If the Streets Table or DecisionInsite is being used for address validation, the user will get additional prompts to select the appropriate address before continuing with the change.

Address History

The address history page displays a history of mailing and residence address changes. Effective dates can be changed with appropriate permissions.