Aeries has a feature to lookup the ZIP+4 code from the USPS when entering or changing a student's address. This feature requires the district to register for a free USPS Web Tools account at

Note: Due to changes made by USPS, Aeries must now require each customer who wishes to use the USPS lookup tool to register with USPS Web Tools. The old method used by Aeries no longer works.


The option to enable USPS address verification is configured on the 3rd Party System Connections page at the District level.

Check the box next to Enable USPS Address Verification to enable the option, and enter the User ID that you received when registering for USPS Web Tools.

Look Up a ZIP Code

When adding a new student record or changing an existing student's address, click the magnifying glass icon next to the ZIP code extension field. If this is an existing student, make sure either Fixing Bad Data or Address Change is selected first at the top of the window.

The following window will display.

If the address was found, you can click the Apply Zip Code Extension button to copy the ZIP code extension (the 4 digits after the hyphen) to Aeries.