Aeries supports deep linking into Aeries to a specific page and student. This may be useful for custom solutions that districts implement or for 3rd party integrations. The deep-linking feature works by directing an Aeries user to a specially crafted URL.

Note: This process works even if the user is required to login before accessing Aeries. The user will be redirected to the login page, and after logging in, will be directed to the desired page and student. However, this process does NOT currently work for parent and student logins.

Format the URL

There is a "helper" page within Aeries that sets the "current" student, then redirects to a specific page.

URL: {YourAeriesBaseURL}/Helpers/SetStudentAndRedirect.aspx

The page supports the following query string parameters:

DU: The page to which the user should be redirected. Example: StudentProfile.aspx. If this parameter is missing, the user will be redirected to the Aeries home page (Default.aspx).

SC: The Aeries School Code where the student record exists

SN: The school-based Student Number

ID: The student's Permanent ID

None of these parameters is required all the time. The following points should explain when certain parameters are required and the logic used when attempting to set the current student using this method:

  • If ID is passed, then SN is ignored.
  • If ID is not passed, then SN is required.
  • If ID or SN is passed without SC, then the system will attempt to find the student in the school to which the user logs in.
  • If the user logs in to the district (school 0), then either ID is required or both SC and SN are required.
  • If ID is passed without SC and the user logs in to the district, then the system will choose the best match for the student ID based on enrollment status and enter date in case the student has a record at multiple schools.

For this feature to work properly, the user must login to the district or to a school where the student has a record. Otherwise, the student record cannot be set correctly, and the following page will display: