Session Description

Procedures for importing test files and loading state standard test data.

Session Content

  • ELPAC testing overview
  • The Test Setting screen and how to assign embedded and non-embedded test setting for students participating in the CAASPP tests
  • How to create a CAASPP Student Accommodations (Test Settings) extract file
  • How to create a CAASPP Paper-Pencil Test Assignment extract file
  • How to import test results using the Aeries Web Import Test Results screen
  • Overview of the CAASPP Paperless Reporting System

Pre-IDs and Importing Tests are functions that were only available in Aeries® Client, but as new state file layouts are introduced functionality is being added to the Aeries Web Version.  At this time Aeries Client Version will still address imports for older testing layouts, while Aeries Web Version supports the import of the CAASPP Student Results, CAASPP Interim Assessment, ELPAC, Initial ELPAC and several college entrance tests. The Physical Fitness student test results will be added to the Import Test Results screen. 

Coming Soon - CAASPP Paperless Reporting - Aeries is working with ETS and other vendors in the integration of paperless CAASPP Student Score Reports into Aeries. Parents and Students will be able to access their student's most recent CAASPP Student Score Report through the Aeries Parent Portal. This information will be retrieved behind the scenes from ETS on the fly. Office staff will also be able to access and download CAASPP Student Score Reports. The Paperless Reporting Pilot is being beta-tested by three Aeries districts. CDE's current plan is to open up the system to all CA districts later in the 2018-19 school year.

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