Correct and complete data population on the following forms is critical for Fall 2 reporting:

  • Teacher/Section Staff
  • Staff
  • Courses
  • Master Schedule

Detailed information is available at the following link:  CALPADS Fall 2 Reporting

Refer to the CALPADS in Aeries document for detailed information on the fields needed for Fall 2 reporting.  Below is a link to the document:  CALPADS in Aeries, CALPADS Cross Reference by Page and CALPADS Cross Reference by Extract

Define Required Fields 

The Define Required Fields form will allow districts to require data to be entered on various forms.  This will help with data entry on the important CALPADS fields.  

Refer to the documentation at the following link:  Define Required Fields

CALPADS Documentation

The CALPADS Files Specifications (CFS) and CALPADS Error List are very helpful documents.  They can be accessed at the following link: