The Fall 2 files must be uploaded to CALPADS in the following order:

  1. Staff Demographics (SDEM)
  2. Staff Assignment (SASS)
  3. Course Section File (CRSE)
  4. Student Course Section File (SCSE)

**Note:  The files need to be in the File Status of “Posted” before uploading the next file.


Errors must be reviewed and corrected in Aeries with each file.  Errors should not be corrected on the CALPADS website or directly in the file. 

Not correcting errors on the SDEM file will result in errors in the subsequent files.  For an example, if a teacher has an invalid SEID – Statewide Educator Identifier, in the SDEM file, all the subsequent CRSE and SCSE records will be rejected for that teacher.

The data needs to be corrected in Aeries and new files should be uploaded.  CRSE and SCSE are Full Replacement files. When you send up new files to CALPADS, the existing records in CALPADS will be deleted automatically and replaced with what you are sending up.