The Transcript Definition page allows schools or district to determine what information should print on a student’s transcript. The Transcript Definitions page can be accessed from Grade Reporting | Configurations on the navigation tree. The school or district can also create as many variations of the transcript as desired. For example, some colleges require immunization records to be listed on a student’s transcript. Transcript Definitions can only be set at the School level, but can be pushed to other schools in the district by using the Push and Pull Setup Tables process. 

The Transcript Definitions page contains a Default transcript, which is the setup created for your original transcript. When this page displays, the Default record will automatically display with all options set up. 

There are three tabs available on the Transcript Definition page. 

  • General – displays the overall formatting options available for the transcript
  • Terms – allows you to select the Term Headings that will print
  • TTP Things to Print – allows you to set up the tests, activities/awards and immunizations information that can be selected to print

General Tab

The General tab will display the formatting options that are available for the specific Transcript Style selected. There are now two styles of transcripts than can be selected from the Design Options pane. The Transcript Style selected will control what options are available. Please see the links below for specific options and settings are are available on each style of transcript. 

The Standard (3-Column) Style is the current default transcript style with course history displayed in 3 columns. Click on this link for further information on the options available on the Standard (3-Column) Transcript Style.

The Enhanced (1-Column) Transcript Style displays all course history records on their own line, and can include much more information for each record. This Transcript Style will often be multiple pages long and is designed to fit into a standard business window envelope (either single or double-window style). Click on this link for further information on the options available on the Enhanced (1-Column) Transcript Style.

Terms Tab

The Terms tab allows you to select the Semester/Term headings that will print on the transcript. State Term Codes are required for CALPADS End of Year reporting.

  • Semester/Term Headings – allows you to enter text for the semester name to be printed on the Year/Term line above the courses taken that term (for example Fall). 
  • State Term Codes - allows you to populate the CALPADS translated terms for each of the terms that appear in the transcripts. These fields need to be populated for CALPADS EOY reporting.

NOTE: The Terms and Things to Print tabs apply to all Transcript Definitions that have been set up, such as Default and FAX or IMM displayed above. 

TTP - Things to Print Tab

The TTP – Things to Print tab is utilized to select and define the different data to be printed on the transcript. This includes test scores (TST), college test scores (CTS), college articulations (CCC), immunization data (IMM), activities/awards (ACT), competency tests, physical fitness (PFT), student data (STU) and supplemental data (SUP). 

To add an item to the TTP – Things to Print click on the Add Record button. Click on the Table drop down and the tables will display. Select a table from the drop down.

Click on the Test/Event and all tests or events related to the selected table will display. The remaining fields will change depending on the table selected. For example, if the TST table is selected the remaining Test fields will display. Select the options available from the Subtest/Part, Score, Grade Range and Print Options.

If the IMM table is selected the Subtest/Part and Score will display N/A and the Grade Range will not be accessible. Enter the Print Options available.

If the CCC table is selected the Test/Event, Subtest/Part, Score, and Print Option can all remain at their default values (N/A, blank, or 0).

If Print/Define TTP is checked on the Optional Areas tab, but the TTP tab is blank (no items have been defined to print), certain test score records for the student will be printed on transcripts: SAT I, ACT, SAT II, and any other test from the CTS table.

Adding a New Transcript Definition

Variations of transcripts can be created from the Transcript Definition form. Click on the Add button in the right legend of the Transcript Definition page to add a new Transcript Code

Type a 3-character code that will represent the new transcript. For example, COL is entered below for College. Enter a description in the Description box. Select the Copy settings from Default Transcript Definitions? option to copy only the required settings to this new transcript. Click on the Add Record button.

The new transcript definition will display under Default. Review all options and select the options appropriate for this transcript.