The Transcript Definitions page can be accessed from Grade Reporting | Configurations on the navigation tree, and is only available at the school level. There are 3 tabs on the Transcript Definitions Page. This document covers all the different options under the General Tab for the Standard (3-Column) Transcript Style. Please see Transcript Definition Form for more general information about managing Transcript Definitions, and specific information about the Terms and TTP - Things to Print tabs, as these two tabs apply to ALL Transcript styles.

Standard (3-Column) transcript style:


The General tab will display the formatting options that are available for the specific Transcript Style selected. The Transcript Style selected will control what options are available. This document covers all the different options under the General Tab for the Standard (3-Column) Transcript Style.

There are 7 collapsible panes under the General Tab. Click on the down arrow on the right side to open the pane, and the up arrow to close it.


Design Options

The Design Options pane allows you to customize the overall design of the transcript itself. When changing between the two styles, other options will show and hide based on functionality of each style.

Transcript Definitions Page - General Tab - Design Options - Standard (3-Column) Transcript

  • Transcript Style -  The options displayed are for the Standard (3-Column) Transcript Style.
  • Transcript Title - The customized title of the transcript that will appear at the top of the printed page.
  • Name Under Transcript Title - The following options can be selected to print on this transcript style:
    • School Name
    • District Name
    • Reporting Home School (STU.HS)
  • Hide Shading on Laser Report – will remove all shading from the report
  • Extra Space on Cred/GPA – adds an extra space after the Credit Attempted and GPA
  • Print Parent Address to Colleges– if a college transcript is printed the school address will be replaced with the parent address in the top right hand corner 
  • Allow Parents/Students to Print - Selecting this option allows Parents/Students to print a specific transcript version in the Parent Portal. Please see the Transcript Definition Form article for more information.


The Demographics pane allows you to customize student-related data to print/hide on the transcript.

  • Print Middle Name instead of Initial – will print the middle name rather than just the initial.
  • Print Birthplace instead of Counselor – will print a birthplace instead of counselor name IF birthplace was entered on the Other Student Data form in the Birth City field.
  • Expand Student Name by Hiding – This option is only available on the Standard (3-Column) style, and will expand the area available to print the student name by not printing the student number, Counselor or both.
  • Hide Parent Telephone – will not print the Parent’s telephone number.
  • Print State Student ID Number– will print the State ID number at bottom of transcript.
  • Print Student Gender – Student gender is now hidden by default on all transcript styles and must be selected to display when desired.
  • Hide Student Enter/Leave Dates – will not print the dates that a student has entered or left.
  • Print "Class of" or "Graduated" label – will either print "Class of" and the year the student will graduate, "Graduated", or if STU.HSG has been flagged with a code the description of the code will print.


Record Details

The Record Details pane allows you to customize which courses appear on the transcript and options for how they appear.

  • Show Work In Progress on the Transcript – displays all classes a student is currently enrolled in for this semester
    • Hide Classes Tagged Not to Print – if Work in Progress is selected, it will not print the course if the section is flagged with X or Z in the Tag (MST.ST) field.

    • Show Future Terms – if Work in Progress is selected and Spring classes are pre-scheduled during the Fall then they will display in the Fall semester Work In Progress . The same is true for trimester or quarter classes, the pre-scheduled classes in a future term will display in the Work in Progress area. In the below example the Civics CP class is a Spring Term class. 
    • Home School instead of Current School -- if Work in Progress is selected and the student has a Reporting Home School (STU.HS on Student Data 2), the Reporting Home School will print instead of the Current School.

Note:  Summer courses defined with a term of  "Y" - "Year" will print with the credits doubled in the Work in Progress section when printing in the Spring term.  Year long courses are assumed to be taken in the Fall and Spring.

  • Name of School Courses Taken– will print a separate line with the school name where the student took the course
    • Combine Year/Term and School – will print year, term and school name on one line
    • Include City & State – this option is available if Combine Year/Term & School is selected and will print the City & State of the school in the heading when the school is not the current school
  • Print +’s and –‘s - will print any + or – for the grade the student received, such as, A+
    • Low Grade/High Grade – will only print transcript records within the selected grade range unless the course is set up in Off Grade Courses
  • Hide College Prep Tags – will not print tags to the left of the course and will not print on border below course information 
  • Hide Honors Tags – will not print tags to the left of the course and will not print on border below course information
  • Hide Non-Academic Tags – will not print tags to the left of the course and will not print on border below course information
  • Hide Repeat Tags – will not print tags to the left of the course and will not print on border below course information 
  • Hide Transcript Comments - will not print the comments on the transcript
  • Hide Course IDs on the Transcript- This option will hide the Course ID field and expand the Course Title.
    • Print Subject Area (S1) instead of Crs ID - This option becomes available when the Hide Course ID's on the Transcript option is selected. The Print Subject Area instead of CRS ID option will print CRS.S1 information instead of CRS.CN. 
  • Hide College Credit Only Courses (CRS.CL=23)– This option allows courses marked with a Course Level of College Only (CRS.CL=23) to be hidden on the printed transcript. These courses are also excluded from any GPA calculations. There are two options to choose from: 
    • Hide Only Credits - Prints the title of the course and the mark received, but hides the credits
    • Hide Record - Hides the entire record from the printed transcript. 

GPA Options

The GPA Options pane allows you to select which class rankings and GPA’s will display on the Transcript page and will be printed on the bottom left corner of the transcript. The following options and various GPA’s are available.

The Off Grade Courses Term Disclaimer will display on the High School transcript for any transcript records with a grade level outside of the grade range of the current school. The text of the disclaimer can be customized in the Custom Content pane.

Print Which Term GPA allows for the GPA for each term to be printed in the term credit summary area of the transcript. 

The available items in the dropdown list are Academic Weighted, Total Weighted, Academic NonWeighted, Total NonWeighted, and Applicable Primary District GPA. Only active built-in GPAs will be included in the list and the Applicable Primary District GPA option is only available if the school has at least one active District GPA associated with a cohort in that school. 

The Applicable Primary District GPA will only print in the term credit summary area on Enhanced (1-column) transcripts. It will not print on Standard (3-column) transcripts. 

Ranking Type allows you to select Normal Ranking or Decile Ranking. Decile Ranking divides the class into 10 parts and each student is given a ranking based on which percentile they fall into. All students in the top 10% are given a rank of 1. The bottom 10% are given a rank of 10. Here is an example of Decile vs Normal:

Decile Ranking

  • Joe – 4.00 – Rank 1
  • Jerry – 3.99 – Rank 2
  • James – 3.99 – Rank 2
  • Jack – 3.99 – Rank 2
  • Jamie – 3.50 – Rank 5

Normal Ranking

  • Joe – 4.00 – Rank 1
  • Jerry – 3.99 – Rank 2
  • James – 3.99 – Rank 3
  • Jack – 3.99 – Rank 4
  • Jamie – 3.50 – Rank 5

Optional Areas

The Optional Areas tab pertains to the bottom portion of the Transcript. Any 2 of the following 3 options can be printed, which includes Print Student Photo, Print/Define TTP or the High School Graduation Status. The Things To Print can be expanded up to 52 items including tests, activities and Immunizations if only the Print/Define TTP is selected however in this case Print Student Photo and Print Graduation Status MUST be de-selected.

  • Print Student Photo – will print the student photograph at the bottom of the transcript in the middle section. 
  • Print/Define TTP – can print items set up on the TTP – Things to Print tab and can expand up to 52 items and Immunizations can be printed if only Print/Define TTP is selected
  • H.S. Graduation Status – will print the student’s current graduation status
  • Include Algebra 1 Requirement – will print the requirement status in the Credit Summary area
  • Competency Tests – will print the competency tests in the middle section

Image Options

The Image Options pane allows you to print transcripts with a Watermark image, a District Logo, and/or a Principal Signature image. 

The Watermark image is added to the selected transcript definition by clicking on the Upload Watermark button. A window will open allowing you to choose a watermark image file from your computer. Once the image is selected, click Open to set the Watermark. Each transcript definition can have a distinct watermark. 

  • Print District Logo - Enabling this option in the General Tab of the Transcript Definition page will print a district logo on the right-hand side of the Student Transcript using the uploaded district logo from the District Record of the School Options page. 

The District Logo is set in the District record of the School Options page. To upload a logo, click on the Logo button. 

The Upload Image File popup will display allowing you to choose a Logo file from your computer. When the file is selected, click on the Upload button to set the District Logo image. To remove the Logo image, click on the Remove Image button.  Files no larger that 300x300 and no smaller than 100x100 should work. Standard jpg, png, gif files are recommended. 

  • Print Principal Signature - Enabling this option in the General Tab of the Transcript Definition page will print a Principal's signature on the Student Transcript using the uploaded Principal's Signature image from the School Record of the School Options page. The Print Principal Signature option will also print the current date on the transcript. 

The Principal Signature image is set in the School record of the School Options page. Each school can have a distinct Principal Signature image. To upload a signature image, click on the Signature button. 

The Upload Image File popup will display allowing you to choose a Signature file from your computer. When the file is selected, click on the Upload button to set the Principal Signature image. To remove the Principal signature image, click on the Remove Image button. 

NOTE: The signature line is 2.5" x 0.25" (10x1) and the name of the file cannot contain spaces.
            For example, principalsignature.jpg or principal_signature.png

Custom Content

The Custom Content pane allows you to customize messages to appear in different sections of the transcript.

  • Off Grade Courses Term Disclaimer- Custom text can be entered to display below the box containing any Off-Grade Courses on the transcript. This disclaimer can be customized if you wish.
    • Reset to default OGC Disclaimer - will reset the Off Grade Course Term disclaimer to the default ("Credit and GPA rules vary for MS Courses")

  • Signature Line Text box– Custom text can be entered for the signature line text to be printed at the bottom of the transcript 
    • Reset Default Signature Line Text – will reset the signature line text back to the default (“This transcript is unofficial unless signed by a school official.”)