The Off Grade Courses page is used to update the OGC table. It can be found under Grade Reporting | Configurations in the navigation tree. 

This table is designed to store particular courses that may be taken outside of the normal grade range. For instance, courses taken in grades 6-8 that would be in a student's Course History and counted as a regular course for certain purposes. Users can specify if a course taken in middle school should be counted for UC/CSU eligibility, count for Graduation Requirements, show on Transcripts, or count in GPA.

The Admin user type automatically has the Off Grade Courses node in the navigation tree without any additional security setup. User and Portal Group accounts that will be adding or updating courses in the Off Grade Courses (OGC) table will need full permissions to the table. Please view this article:  Security  for more detailed information on how to set up permissions for users and groups.

Currently, when a transcript is generated it does not take into account what grade level the course was taken and will print all courses on the transcript.  But some schools do not want all courses to print. 

In the example below the student has taken Algebra and Spanish classes in 8th grade. Both classes are college prep classes and the 8th grade Algebra class fulfills the Algebra I requirement. A school would most likely want these courses to print on a transcript and possibly be included in college requirements. 

The schools may not want the other middle school courses to print on the transcript, only certain ones that fulfill UC, CSU or graduation requirements.  The OGC table can be utilized to override certain options in the CRS table.  This allows the school to select which courses should or should not print on a transcript.

When the OGC table is created any course that needs to print on the transcript, should be counted for UC/CSU eligibility, count towards Graduation Requirements or count in GPA MUST be added.  Once a course is added and flagged, these options can be utilized. Any course not added will not be included.

  • Without an OGC table, transcripts and graduation requirements will perform as usual.
  • If an OGC table has been created the program will first look at the low grade (LO) in the LOC table and compare it to the grade (GR) in the HIS record.  If the grade the course was taken is less than the low grade the program will verify whether the course was added to the OGC table.
  • Once a course has been located in the OGC table the values in OGC will override certain areas of the CRS table.
  • If an OGC is created any course completed by a student in a grade less than the LOC.LO field will not print on the transcript, count in graduation requirements, UC/CSU eligibility or count in the GPA, unless set up in OGC.
  • If a Minimum Mark value has been entered the student MUST receive the minimum mark point value or better, as established in the Valid Marks (GRC) table, for any of these options to be utilized. For example, if the mark needs to be at least a D, the Minimum Mark Value would be 1.00.  If NO Minimum Mark is entered the system will compare the transcript mark against the Valid Marks (GRC) table. If the mark is set to “Count as Completed” then the OGC options will be honored.

Adding / Updating A Course on the Off Grade Courses Page

To add a new course to the Off Grade Courses page click on the Add New Record link at the bottom of the list. To update a course click on the Update icon to the left of the course.

Enter the course id or use the course search and select the course to add.

Use the Tab key or the mouse to move to the other fields. Below is a description of each of the fields:

  • Grade Low – lowest grade level to be considered. This field defaults to 6. To change it enter the desired low grade for the Off Grade Course.
  • Grade High – highest grade level to be considered. This field defaults to 8. To change it enter the desired high grade for the Off Grade Course.
  • Minimum Mark Value – lowest mark value a student received that will determine whether or not the OGC options are utilized. If a Minimum Mark value is entered, the student must receive that grade mark or higher in order for any of the other Off Grade Course options to apply.
  • Credit Override – the new credit value to be used instead of the course credit value if the Override Credits is also flagged. This field defaults to 5.00. To change it enter the desired credit amount. When this option is used in conjunction with the Override Credits option the new Credit Override value will print on the transcript but does not display on the transcript page. 
  • Override Credits – if flagged the credit override value will be utilized instead of the course credit value.
  • Count for UC/CSU – the course will count towards the UC or CSU requirements. In the below example the student's 8th grade Algebra CP course is used on the UC Eligibility Report to count towards the Mathematics subject requirement.

  • Count for Grad Reqs – course counts towards the graduation requirements. When selected this course will count towards the graduation requirements for any student that took the course in grades 6-8. 
  • Show on Transcript – when selected the course will print on the transcript.  

  • Count in GPA – will be computed in the GPA. When this option is selected the course will be counted in the student's GPA on the Transcript page. In order to have this course counted in the GPA on the printed transcript, the Show On Transcript option must also be selected.
  • Count in Overall Credits – will affect the Credit Attempted and Completed shown in the bottom left of the student's printed transcript.

NOTE: If Override Credits is selected, the new Credit Override value will print on a transcript but does not display on the transcript form. If Count in GPA is selected the Credit Override value will be used to calculate the GPA.