When Teacher Load Monitoring is enabled, the Classes form will color code overloaded sections in orange, so that sections can be chosen accordingly. In order to enable Teacher Load Monitoring, the Monitor Teacher Load School Setting must be set, and the maximum number of students per day must be defined for any teacher whose load will be monitored.

Set the Monitor Teacher Load School Setting

Filter Pages by "school settings" and click on School Settings or navigate to School Info > Configurations > School Settings.

On the list, locate I:

Click the Change button under the list. For I:, select 1 Monitor Teacher Load from the dropdown:

Click the Update button. Teacher Load Monitoring is now enabled for the school. 

Set the Maximum Load of Students Per Day

To see teachers' max loads, as set in the TCH table, use the following query:


The query results show the maximum students per day, per teacher. You may need to set or change the maximum number of students per day.

Filter Pages by Teachers and click on Teachers or navigate to School Info > Teachers.

In the Teachers list, click on the name of the teacher whose Max Stu/Day you need to change:

On Teacher Data, click the Change button.

In the Max Stu/Day field, type in the max load of students per day for the teacher:

Click the Update button. In this example, the teacher's max load of students per day is 150 and Teacher Load Monitoring has been enabled. If the teacher has more than a total of 150 students enrolled in the course sections they teach during one school day, those sections will be identified as overloaded and color coded with orange on Classes.