The View MST pop-up window assists in scheduling by giving users control over their view of the master schedule. To get started, filter Pages for Classes, or navigate to Student Data > Scheduling > Classes. Click on Edit to move into Edit Mode. Click on View MST. 

The View MST Display

The View MST pop-up can be viewed in three different ways, but the data and functionality within each window is the same. 

View MST can be displayed in a window that can be moved around your browser window:

Click the pin icon to dock the View MST pop-up under the Edit Mode workspace:

The docked view moves under the Edit Mode workspace and stays there, so that the view of the workspace is unimpeded. 

Click the pop-out iconto move View MST into a separate browser window:

The separate browser window can be dragged to another monitor. Clickto return to the docked view of View MST. Clickingwill close the separate browser window.

Filtering the View MST Window

Every section in the master schedule is listed in View MSTFor each section, the section number, period, term, split term, course ID, course title, department, teacher number, teacher name, room number, max seats, total number of students and more is listed. The master schedule can be filtered by any of the column headers. At the top of each column, a filter icon is displayed. Click on the  to filter by that column header. More than one filter can be applied.

For example, a student needs a first period biology class. First, click on the in the PD column and type 1 into the field under Equal to:

Click Filter. The View MST list will now only display sections during first period. Next, click in the Title column and type "bio" (partial input is supported) into the field under Contains:

Click Filter and the View MST list will only display first period sections of courses that contain "bio" in their course titles:

Filters can be cleared individually, by clicking the Clear button within each filter box. All of the filters can be cleared from View MST by clickingthe refresh icon.

Selecting a Section

To add a section to the student's schedule, click theunder Add by the section. The course associated with that section will be added to the student's Edit Mode workspace and the student will be placed into the selected section. Once Save is clicked, SEC and CAR records are written and the student is enrolled into the section.

If a section is linked via the Class Link field in MST, adding one section will automatically include other linked sections during the add process.

When Class Link is populated in the Master Schedule table, the value of the field will display on the Master Schedule Display located in the last column labeled ClsLink#.

Refreshing the View MST Popup

The View MST popup should be reloaded (like any other web page), if the database's contents have changed. If View MST is open, and section numbers change (for example, if another user is adding students to sections), then the View MST popup must be re-loaded or closed and opened in order to have its totals reflect the numbers in the database. It is possible for web pages to be reloaded from a browser's cache, instead of from the database, and theoretically this could result in a View MST popup's numbers not being accurate until the web page is truly refreshed. 

Best practices include regularly pressing refresh, closing and re-opening the popup when moving from student to student, never ignoring any warning about full sections, and/or being very aware of sections that are in high demand and potentially nearing their maxes. And, of course, being aware of any other users who might also be modifying students' schedules.