Course Request Packets are created to group a set of courses together for scheduling purposes. When a packet is added to a student’s schedule, the student will be enrolled in all courses in the packet. Course Request Packets can be created for any logical group of courses. A common example is the set of required courses for a specific grade level. 

Navigate to Classes for the appropriate student. Click on Edit to move into Edit Mode. Verify that the End Date and Start Date are correct. After adding a Course Request Packet to a student's schedule, the Start Date will be recorded in CAR as the first date the student is enrolled in each course. In CAR, the end date for any added course will be the end of the course's term.

Click on the CrsReqPack button.


The Select Packet to Add pop-up will appear. Check the Limit list to student's grade level checkbox to only see Course Request Packets that correspond to the student's grade level.

To see the courses in a packet, click thenext to the packet:

To add the courses in the Course Request Packet to the student's Edit Mode workspace, click one or more packets, or check their checkboxes, to select them. Click the Add Packet(s) button:

The courses in each selected Course Request Packet will be added to the Edit Mode workspace, where sections of the courses can be scheduled using the Reschedule button or by hand-selecting sections. Click Save to save the schedule.