After a new student has been enrolled, the student can then be scheduled into classes. Filter for Classes or navigate to Student Data > Scheduling > Classes. 

Edit Mode

The new student's View Mode will be blank because they are not enrolled in any sections of any course. Click Edit to move into Edit Mode, which will also be blank:

The End Date will default to today's date. The Start Date will default to the next school day. The Start Date should be populated with the first date that they will be in their scheduled classes. Usually, this is a new student's first day of enrollment. Because no courses are being dropped, the End Date is not applicable to a new schedule. 

NOTE:  End Date and Start Date must be populated correctly to maintain the Course Attendance Record (CAR) table.

Add Courses

Several options exist for adding courses to the Edit Mode workspace:  

  1. Click the CrsReqPack button to add a Course Request Packet to the Edit Mode workspace. See Add a Course Request Packet to a Current Schedule for more information.
  2. Click the View MST button, filter the MST if needed, and click theto select a specific section of a course. The course will be added to the workspace, and the student will be scheduled into that section. See View MST for more information.
  3. Type a course title or course number into the New Class box (partial input is supported) and click the course you want to add from the dropdown of courses that appears.
  4. Click the Section Addicon and type a section number into the Section Add pop-up. The student will be scheduled into that section.

The Edit Mode workspace shows a color coded graphical display of part of the master schedule:  the courses that the student will be scheduled into. Each section displays the section's term and the number of seats available. Sections are color coded to provide more information:

There are two ways to see even more information about the sections on the Edit Mode workspace:

  1. Hover the mouse over theinformation icon on any section to display the section number, the block number of periods, the teacher's name and number, the grade range, the max number of seats in the class, and the number of available seats. Scheduling related fields (for example, Team Course Group and Team Number) are also displayed.
  2. Check the Show Section Info checkbox to have the section number, teacher name and number, and block number of periods display on each section tile. The max seats and seats available can still be viewed by hovering the mouse over theinformation icon.

If more than two sections per period are available for a course, they can be viewed by clicking the  on the gray bar between courses. The rest of the sections for that course will appear.

Choose Sections

After all necessary courses have been added to the workspace, sections can be chosen. To schedule a section, click on it. The section will turn green and become checked, indicating that the student will be scheduled into it. Alternatively, use the Reschedule button. If no sections are locked, the Reschedule button will schedule the student according to the number of seats available in sections. If one or more sections are locked, Reschedule will keep the students in those sections and fill the rest of the student's schedule with available sections, according to the number of available seats. To unlock specific sections or the entire schedule, click thelock icon beside the section or at the very top of the lock column. 

If any section needs to be permanently locked, choose a reason from the PermLk column. 

To schedule only sections meeting during the Spring term, check the Schedule Only Spring checkbox. Sections for terms other than during the Spring term will be grayed out and only sections that meet during the Spring term can be scheduled.

Save the Schedule

When sections have been selected, click the Save button. The student's records in the SEC and CAR table are not affected until the Save button has been clicked. 

To abandon all of the changes made on the workspace, click Reset. Any additions or changes made in Edit Mode will be abandoned and the workspace will be emptied. Alternatively, click Cancel. Since the student did not have an existing schedule, all of the courses added to the workspace will disappear and Classes will return to View Mode.