The Mass Change Period Absences form is used for entering and updating absence codes.  From this form you can instantly update attendance by a Section, a List of Students by Student Numbers, a Grade Level, using a Student Group or running a Keep/Skip Query.  Attendance Notes can also be added to each student updated during the Mass Change Period Absences process.  An option is available in the lower left to Include Attendance Note. Selection of this option will open a new window for data entry pertaining to the Attendance Note that will be included for all selected students. In this example, the Att. Note Code of ACT is selected. ACT is the code for a school activity. The Period the note will be posted under is 0. The Comment is Huntington Library Tour and .

Listed below are the procedures for using Mass Change Period Absences form:

  1. Determine which students will be included in the change:  
    • Use the kept students (no section needed)
    • Honor the kept student (require a section)  
    • Ignore the Keep/Skip (require a section)  
    • Use a Student Group. 
  2. If using the Use the kept students (no section needed) option, students can be limited by grade range.
  3. The students from the selected criteria will be listed on the right.
  4. If the change is not applicable to all students, select the students to “skip” by checking the Skip Update checkbox for excluded students.
  5. Populate the date, applicable periods and absence code.  In the display below, the update will be applied to 10th grade students only.
  6. To add a note, click the Include Attendance Note checkbox.  The Attendance Notes will open for data entry pertaining to the Attendance Note that will be included for all selected students.  The Off Campus Pass Fields will display the Authorized by name and the Time to Leave time.
  7. Click Update, to populate the periods only with the selected activity code and, if added, a note.
  8. Use the Mass Change ATT Codes to update the All Day code if the activity was an all day activity.

In the example below, all 10th grade students were on a field trip to the Getty Museum on 12/20/2017 during periods 4 through 7. An Attendance Note will be added to reflect this information on each student.

Each student’s Attendance record will now show that an Attendance Note has been added for the date of 12/20/2017. The Attendance Note Call out will now display in red.