1. The Mass Change All Day Code form will change the student’s All Day code to the selected code if the student does not already have an All Day code for the selected date and meets the minimum number of periods to be absent. In the example below any student who has a minimum of six absences on the date of 07/17/2019 will now have an U in the All Day code field for that date. A date range of no longer than two weeks is recommended.
  • Use this process to change an All Day code to a selected Code based on a designated number of Period Absences
  • Update List to Preview
  • Update ATT to Apply

Note: Students who appear to not meet the minimum period requirement have one or more classes tagged to not count in Mass Change (MST.ADA = N). Being present in a section tagged as MST.ADA = N will not count for a student if they meet the other criteria for the Mass Change. In other words, a section tagged MST.ADA = N will register as an absence in the count of periods needed to meet the Mass Change criteria.