Teacher Data - Elementary Schools

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Aeries Field Name
Aeries Table.Field





CBEDS Course Code
CRS-State Course Code
Use “1000” for Self Contained classes. Use "6012" if you would like Aeries to skip this course when extracting data to CALPADS.
CBEDS Code Set: Course Group State
Highly Qualified Teacher
HQT Competency Code
CALPADS has retired this code set. Civil Rights reporting is still collecting for 15-16 school year reporting.
Multiple Teacher Status

Multiple Teacher Code

If multiple teachers are assigned to a class, you must populate this field with code 01 or 02 to represent the way that the teachers are working together.  Code 09 can be used to identify those classes that have more than one teacher, but they are not to be extracted with a multiple teachers status code.
CALPADS Code Set: Multiple Teacher Instruction Strategy Category
Education Service
Education Service Code
This information was previously populated on each student on the Language Assessment form. It may still be required to have populated on that screen for other reasons, but for CALPADS purposes, it must be populated here.
CALPADS Code Set: Education Service English Learners
Language of Instruction
Language of Instruction Code
This field should only be populated if Education Service has a value of "1" or if Instructional Strategy has a value of "600". It should also never be populated with "English" or "Sign Language".
Instructional Strategy
Instructional Strategy Code
**As of the 2019/2020 school year, this field is not used for English Learner Services. PGM will now used to collect Language data at the student level in the SPRG file as an Education Program code.  Only 2 Instructional Strategy codes remain:
  • 300 - Home and Hospital
  • 700 - Special Education

Funding Source
Education Program Funding Source Code
This field should be populated as appropriate for codes:
113 – CA Partnership Academy 168 – Specialized Secondary Instruction
Itinerant Teacher

This field, when flagged, will inspire the CALPADS CRSE extract to include teachers as a reported class, even without any students.
Independent Study Indicator
Independent Study Indicator
A value of "Y" in this field will convert into the "Independent Study Indicator" CALPADS field when extracted.
Distance Learning Indicator
Distance Learning Indicator
A value of "Y" in this field will convert into the "Distance Learning Indicator" CALPADS field when extracted.

Aeries Field NameAeries Table.FieldCALPADS Fld NumberCALPADS NameComment
Online Course Instruction Type TCH.OIT9.33Type of Online Instruction Indicator
Indicates type of online instruction.  If 9.24 Distance Learning Indicator is "Y" then this field is required to be populated. 
Crs Content SubcategoryTCH.CSC9.28Detailed Subject IndicatorA coded value representing a more detailed subject matter within an area of course content.  For example, "piano" is a subcategory of a "Music - Instrumental" course.
Charter Non-CoreTCH.CNC9.31Charter Core IndicatorData element retired 7/1/2021
Local Assignment Option TCH.NCA9.35Local Board Approval IndicatorIndicates that the local governing board approved authorization for a teacher to teach a course without the appropriate credential or authorization.
Standard Grade Range
TCH.SGR9.29CRS – Departmentalized Course Standards Grade Level Range Code
The value should be based on the standards grade level of the course content and not the grade levels of the students enrolled in the course.

When populating this field, the value should be based on the standards grade level of the course content and not the grade levels of the students enrolled in the course.

EX:  If a combo class of 4 and 5th graders is taught based on an Elementary curriculum, then the "ELM" code should be used

Content Standards Alignment
TCH.CSA9.30CRS – Content Standards Alignment Code
The currency of the standards that were used to develop the content of a course.

Middle School CoreTCH.MSC9.34Middle School Core Setting IndicatorIdentifies if the course is part of a middle school core setting.  If 9.29 Standard Grade Range is "MID" this indicator is requ