Transcript and Transcript Terms


Course Completions are part of the CALPADS Reporting Requirements for grades 7-12 in traditional schools. CALPADS only wants to know which courses were completed in your school this year. 

It is important to use the Aeries Grade Reporting process to populate grades and transfer them to HIS. This also applies to Middle Schools and Jr. Highs. It is not necessary to have Credits populated at the 7-8 grade levels, just the Mark received.

By using the Aeries Grade Reporting process, the system is able to track the Master Schedule Section Number and Staff ID where the Mark was issued. This is important to how CALPADS wants to collect this information.

Transcripts can be accessed on the navigation tree under Student Data, Grades or under the Grade Reporting


Clicking on the More button will display more information.

If the Grade Reporting process is not used and the Master Schedule Section Number needs to be entered, the Edit icon on the transcript for the individual records can be used. Click the mouse on the Edit icon for the Transcript record and the following form will display.


Enter a valid Section School,  Section Number and Staff ID from the Master Schedule. If the section number entered is not a valid section number from the Master Schedule, the record will not be included in the SCSC file.

For College Credit courses, more information is available:  How to Tag College Credit Courses

The Transcript Terms (HIS.TE) must be translated to the State Term Codes on the Transcript Definition Terms tab. The Terms can be accessed on the navigation tree under Grade Reporting, Configurations.  

The Terms tab is the 3rd tab on the Transcript Definitions page.