The Attendance History Configuration page allows you to configure options for Attendance History (AHS table). This page is only accessible by admin type users.

NOTE: As of the 7/7/2022 update, Process Date Range fields have been added. More information is below.

There are several options on this page.

  • Calculate Attendance History Through Current Day? -  With the Calculate Attendance History Through Current Day option enabled, attendance history will be calculated through the current day the process is run instead of projecting attendance through the end of the school year, which is what occurs if this option is turned off. Aeries Software HIGHLY recommends enabling this option to make the attendance history data more meaningful and accurate.

When this option is selected, You have the option to select which days of the week this process should run, and time of day. To ensure accurate data, this process should be run daily

  • Include Enrollment Totals in Nightly Attendance History Processing - This option will update the Student Data Enrollment totals during the nightly process. When this option is selected, the STU.DE - Days Enrolled, STU.DP -Days Present and STU.DA - Days Absent totals will be updated nightly.
  • Calculate Attendance Totals Based on Period Attendance? - This option allows a school or district to calculate attendance totals based on period attendance.  More information: EOY 3 STAS - Calculate Attendance Totals Based on Period Attendance.

NOTE: The Calculate Attendance Totals Based on Period Attendance option was added to support changes due to COVID for the 2020/2021 school year.  The option is no longer needed.  Alternative Education schools will automatically be processed with Period Attendance Totals based on the School Options "Education Type" field set to Alternative Ed (LOC.TY = 1).  It is advised to check your setting and verify this option is disabled.

  • Process Date Range - A date range has been added to allow the Attendance History to be run for a specific date range. This option will impact the CALPADS STAS extract that will be used when submitting STAS data to CALPADS. The option can be set with a specific date range and the Attendance History can be manually processed by clicking on the Update All Schools button. A message will display indicating the date range that has been selected.
    • The Process Date Range options are in preparation for the new collection for P-EBT which opens on 5/12/2023 and closes 06/30/2023. To collect the necessary data for P-EBT, California’s proposal is for LEAs to utilize the STAS files created for CALPADS in order for students to receive P-EBT benefits. LEAs will upload the special STAS files through Independent Study Attendance Collection (ISAC) Reporting System outside of CALPADS:
      • From the application process sent to USDA, California has proposed monthly STAS files be sent for the term August 2022 – May 11, 2023 for all students. The P-EBT benefits that parents might be entitled to would be determined by the CDE and the cards sent to the addresses in CALPADS for those students for the months that they qualified. 
      • By implementing the Date Range capability, schools will have the flexibility to create these special files by running the Update Attendance History with the date range for a specific month. Once the update process has finished, then go to the CALPADS Extract screen and create a STAS file and save it with the month notated in the title of the file. Repeat for each month needed.
  • Update All Schools Now - When using the Update All Schools Now button, keep in mind that it is a long running process. The process must be completed before the CALPADS STAS extract is run. Otherwise, the STAS extract could contain inaccurate/incomplete information. This process can take a while depending on the size of the district. Users will receive an email when the process has completed.

NOTE: When using the Process Date Range option, be sure to wait for the email to be received indicating the process has completed before extracting STAS files or relying on data in the AHS table.

For more information on P-EBT Submission, see California - P-EBT 4.0 Submission for the 22/23 School Year