Attendance History Configuration is a new page available in Aeries Web. This page allows you to configure options for Attendance History. This page is only accessible by admin type users.

With Calculate Attendance History Through Current Day enabled, attendance history will be calculated through the current day the process is run instead of projecting attendance through the end of the school year, which is what occurs if this option is turned off. Aeries Software HIGHLY recommends enabling this option to make the attendance history data more meaningful and accurate.

Calculating Attendance History through the current day enables a Nightly Process that will recalculate this information every night. By default, Attendance History is calculated through the end of the school year. You have the option to select which days of the week this process should run, and time of day. To ensure accurate data, this process should be run daily


There is also an Update All Schools Now button which can be pressed to update data for all schools. This process takes just a few minutes to run, and you receive an email when it has been completed.

After updating options on this page, be sure to click the Save button.

NOTE: When using the Update All Schools Now button, keep in mind that it is a long running process. The process must be completed before the CALPADS STAS extract is run. Otherwise, the STAS extract could contain inaccurate/incomplete information.

An option has been added to update the Student Data Enrollment totals during the nightly process.  When this option is selected, the STU.DE - Days Enrolled, STU.DP -Days Present and STU.DA - Days Absent totals will be updated nightly.