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The Student Scoliosis form is used to store and display the results from the scoliosis testing that is normally performed on all students. To access the Scoliosis form, click the mouse on the Scoliosis node under Medical on the Navigation Tree.

The following form will display. 


Scoliosis (SCO)Read
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Add new record
Update records
Delete Records


To add a new Scoliosis record, click on Add New Record.

The page will now display all fields for the form selected. Enter all information into each selected field. Click on Save.  The new record will now display.

Available fields:
Date - date of screening status

Grade - grade at time of screening

Age - age at time of screening
Scrn - screening status.
P/F - indicates P for pass or F for fail.
Dr Refer - Y/N field
Diagnosis - specify the diagnosis.  Fixed values are provided.
Treatment Plan -  
specify the treatment plan.  Fixed values are provided.

Custom values may be added to fields using the Configurations > Update Code Table page at the District level.

NOTE: You must use the fixed code values provided for the Aeries Spinal Screening State Report to meet the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Spinal Screening Report Form (M-51) requirements.

To edit an existing Scoliosis record, click on the Edit icon. The cursor will display in the first field.  After the record is changed click on Save. The updated record will now display.

To delete an existing Scoliosis record, click on the Edit icon. Click on Delete.


The following message will display. Click the mouse on the OK button. The record will be deleted and will no longer display.

The Scoliosis form has an option to copy a Scoliosis record from the current student displayed to another student.  For example, if two students have the same Scoliosis results, the record can be copied from one student to another. To copy a record, click the mouse on the Check Box next to the record to be copied under the Copy column. Next, click the mouse on the Copy icon. 

The following message will display. Click the mouse on the OK button. 

Locate the student to copy the record to or leave the current student displayed.  To paste the record, click the mouse on the Paste icon. The following message will display. Click the mouse on the OK button.

The new record will now display with the same data as the record copied. 

To add a Red Flag indicator to the Scoliosis form, click the mouse on the Flag icon on the top right of the form.

The red flag area will open in Edit mode. A comment can be added.

After saving the information the Flag icon will display in red.

After a Red flag is added it can be removed by clicking on the Red Flag icon again.

The following message will display click on Remove to remove the red flag.

The following is an example of the Scoliosis printout that is generated by clicking the mouse on the Print button.