Mass Add Medical Tests will allow you to add specific test records for selected grade ranges. For example, below grade 9 had Hearing tests done on 4/02/2017. All students in 9th grade will have a record added into the HRN table with a Passed code for this date. Instead of hand entering a record for each student, only students who failed the Hearing test will need to be updated.

To access the Mass Add Medical Test form, click the mouse on the Mass Add Medical Tests node under Medical on the Navigation Tree. 

The following form will display. If this test is only for specific grades, select the specific grade by clicking the mouse on the grade level in the Grade Levels to Include area.  Select the Medical Test, enter the Date and select a P - Pass or F – Fail.

Click the mouse on the Update button.  The following message will display.  Click the mouse on the OK button. 

The following message will display indicating the number of records added for the test selected. 

After the test records have been added the record will display for each student. The record can now be updated for each student or only specific students.  For example, all students have a P- Pass. The students who failed can now have their record changed to F – Failed.