The Configure Vaccination Requirements is utilized to update required immunizations. This affects the rules used on the Immunizations page and related reports. This form should only be updated by an administrative user with knowledge of the fields used by this program as well as the required immunizations.

Note: For customers simply wanting to comply with State requirements, clicking the Load Default Vaccination Requirements button is all that is necessary. Modifications to the requirements are not necessary unless there are specific local requirements that differ from the State requirements. View specific information related to 2018-19 requirement changes.

Immunization requirements for California and Texas are available on the respective State websites.

The student Immunizations page utilizes the requirements setup in the VAC table to determine whether a student has completed immunizations that are required by the State according to that student's age and grade. If these requirements have not been met the fields on the Immunizations form display in red as an indicator.

The following are a few guidelines to review prior to updating this form:

  • Prior to making any changes on this form it is vital that you have an understanding of the fields used in the IMM table and how they relate to the VAC table.

  • It is also important to have an understanding of how the Configure Vaccination Requirements form will affect the Immunizations form.

  • You must have complete understanding of the default immunizations already setup that are established by the State.

  • Review this form and the documentation and make sure you have complete understanding of its function prior to its use.

  • If new requirements are setup incorrectly the default requirements can be re-loaded but ALL existing requirements will first be deleted and the default requirements restored.

The currently configured vaccination requirements will display.

The Fields Being Used will display the name of the fields which are being evaluated with this vaccination requirement.

The Requirement Description will describe the requirement details. The first line of the description should include a brief name followed by a colon on it's own line. For example "Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis:" is a good first line of the description. The immunization status report requires the colon to work properly. Additional verbiage describing the specific requirements can be added after the colon and on subsequent lines.

To select a vaccination and display the requirements, select the vaccination under the Show Requirements For list. This will also populate the Fields Being Used with the selected vaccination name. The form will display the requirements for the vaccination selected.

The Configure Vaccination Requirements form will allow you to update the default requirements that display. 

If a different value under the Field Being Used is selected, the following message will display. If you click the mouse on the Yes button the requirement fields will be changed.

If ANY changes are made to a requirement you MUST update the Requirement Description

If a new condition will be added click the mouse on the Add New Condition button next to the Requirement # selected.

Applies To - specifies the Age or Grade range to be evaluated. Note: Age and Grade should not be mixed within the same Requirement group.

Required Field - Enter the first letter of the field name to evaluate. For example, DTP enter D, MMR enter M.

Fields Available - Enter the number of fields to evaluate. This is usually the maximum amount of vaccinations the student would need.

Doses Required - Enter the number of doses required for this age or grade.

Are doses required after a certain age? - If this box is checked, populate the After what age, and Number of doses after that age fields.

Exemption - If this requirement is an exemption, check that box.

Booster - If this is a booster, the Months Age of Last Dose can be populated.

Comment - A descriptive comment on what is being evaluated.

After making any changes, it is highly recommended to test the new requirements for students at a variety of grades and ages. It is best to use the existing default requirements as a guideline, and make adjustments accordingly, and make only small changes at a time and then test those changes before making additional changes.

Note: Aeries will automatically consider any vaccine administered four or fewer days prior to the minimum required age as valid for the purposes of meeting immunization requirements.

NOTE: Information on configuring COVID-19 vaccinations can be found in the How to Configure Vaccination Requirements (COVID-19) documentation.