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Navigate to School Info > Configure Vaccination Requirement

The Configure Vaccination Requirements page is utilized to configure and update required immunizations. The Covid-19 vaccination can to added to the  Configure Vaccination Requirements page and will be displayed on the students Immunizations page based on the conditions set for the vaccination types. 

The student Immunizations page utilizes the requirements setup in the VAC table to determine whether a student has completed immunizations that are required by the State according to that student's age and grade. If these requirements have not been met the fields on the Immunizations form display in red as an indicator.

The Fields Being Used will display the name of the fields which are being evaluated with this vaccination requirement. 

The Requirement Description will describe the requirement details. The first line of the description should include a brief name followed by a colon on it's own line. For example "Covid-19:" is a good first line of the description. The immunization status report requires the colon to work properly. Additional verbiage describing the specific requirements can be added after the colon and on subsequent lines.

Vaccination Configurations  

Covid-19 vaccinations available require either one or two doses depending on the type of vaccination received. When adding a condition for the Covid-19 vaccine on the Configure Vaccination Requirement page the "Required Doses Determined by Vaccine Type" option is automatically checked. The program will determine the required doses based on information added to the IMM.CV1T field in Update Code Table.  The vaccinations and number of doses for each vaccination type must be entered in Update Code Table in order for the student's Immunizations page to accurately track whether a student has met the vaccination dose requirements.


Three vaccination types are currently displayed in the Covid-19 drop-down list on the student Immunizations page. The vaccination types listed derive from Fixed-Codes, the same codes can be added to Update Code Table or different codes can be used as desired. All added codes will display in the vaccination drop-down list. 

Codes for each vaccination types and their required dose must be added to the IMM.CV1T field in Update Code Table.  The amount of doses required for each vaccination type is listed in the Amount column.  This will allow a student's Immunization page to properly calculate whether the required dose has been received by a student based on their vaccination type. 

Student Immunization Page  

After the Covid-19 vaccination requirement has been configured and the vaccine type and doses added to Update Code table the student Immunizations page will indicate whether a student has met the vaccine requirement.  

  • If the student has no code selected for Covid-19 Vaccine type the Vaccine Type field will be highlighted red. 
  • If the student has a Vaccine Type code entered, and the student has received no doses, then the Date field will highlight red.  If the Vaccine Type requires 2 doses, then both Date fields will be highlighted red.
  • If the student has a Vaccine Type code entered that requires 2 doses, and the student has received only 1 dose, then the second date field will be highlighted red.