There are different areas within Aeries that will assist districts with their data management regarding the enrollment process.   Enrolling and withdrawing students, end of year, beginning of year and during the year enrollment processes are all part of keeping the data consistent for enrollment purposes in California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS).   There are certain “rules” that can be used to help with these standards.    Developing “best practices” for these procedures across the district/school will aid in a successful submission of enrollment records.

Enrollment drives the “ownership” in CALPADS.  It is important that the staff who are responsible for enrollment of students in and out of their schools and programs should understand the connection between various student data elements in Aeries and their requirements to the State reporting in CALPADS.

School Startup

Rollover of Current Student in Next Years Database

School Startup – Rollover of Current Students in New Year  

  • After the Rollover of Current Students into the New Year Database it is important to validate that the pre-enrolled students have been activated.
  • Verify the Next Grade level copied over correctly into the student’s current grade level. 
  • Validate the student’s subsequent information copied over correctly, such as, Language, NSLP, Program and Special Ed information.
  • Print Record Table Count report will assist you with verifying this data.  This report can be run from the Last Years database and then run from the New Year database to compare record counts.  These counts will not be identical due to the difference between the high grades exiting and new lower grades entering.  However, the counts should be comparable.

Suggested checks after roll over process:

  • Student Counts
    • Next Fields:
    • Next Grade
    • Next School
  • Next Teacher (if setup)
  • Inter-District Data that was set in last school year
  • Reporting School

CALPADS Procedures

The California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) is a longitudinal data system used to maintain individual-level data including student demographics, course data, discipline, staff assignments, and other data for state and federal reporting.  

CALPADS requires active reporting regarding the enrollment status of your students.  School entities will be required to report student enrollment data within “14 days” of student’s entry or withdrawal at your educational institution.   

Multiple files are required to be submitted with frequency and ongoing bases:

  • Student Enrollment (SENR) – this includes enrollments and exit data for students
  • Student Information (SINF) – this includes grade level changes for continuing students
  • Student Program (SPRG) – this includes program related data for enrolled students
  • Student English Language Acquisition (SELA) – this includes English Learner student data

These files report the enrollment status of your students to the CALPADS reporting system.  They contain very specific standards (rules) and compliances regarding enrollment data.  The CALPADS File Specification Document (CFS) lists the various required fields for each of these files.  The CALPADS Data Guide assists the Data Coordinator with reporting compliances for student data.

CALPADS documentation can be found at the following link:

CALPADS System Documentation

Standards for Adding Students

  • Standard protocols should be developed for adding new student information. 
  • Data Enrollment Personnel are key in the process of student data management. 
  • The district lookup form should be used to search for any student being added to your schools database. Using the District Database lookup form will assure the continuity of student data coming forward. 
  • This would include the Inactive Students if your district has created an Inactive School
  • The importance of performing this task accurately is critical to avoid a possibility of duplicate student enrollment or the possibility of requesting a NEW SSID when one has already been assigned. The potential for these types of issues are usually caused by manual student data entry where no verification of previous enrollment exists. 
  • FAQ:  Enrolling a Student:  Inactive Students in Current School, Inactive Students and New Students

District Settings

The District Settings are available when logged into the district on the navigation tree, under School Info | Configurations

Enabling the following rules on the Student Settings tab will prevent duplicate active students:

  • Students must be inactive at last school before enrollment at another school (LOC.R1)
  • Use STU.TG to determine if a student is inactive at last school when transferring records (LOC.R5)

More information is available at the following link:  District Settings

Student Search/Lookup on Student Add

The Student Demographics page, Add button will display the District Student Lookup form.  The form will list some identifying criteria for students along with the School, Status Tag and Leave Date.  Students must be inactive before the copy process will function if the District Rule is turned on.  In searching the Inactive School Database, by default, those students will be inactive and ready to copy over. 

There are multiple fields that can be used to search for a student. Searching by student name is the most common but a search on other fields can also be performed.  In the example below a search is being performed for Adam Smith. 

More information is available at the following link:  Enrolling a student in a Secondary School – Pulling a Student record from a prior year

Notice that Adam Smith is displayed twice. One student displays a Status Tag of inactive and the other has no Status Tag indicating he is active.  Both students have a different birth date and grade.  In the example above, we are searching for Adam Smith who was previously enrolled in grade 1 and has a birth date of 11/30/2009.  A student displays that matches this criterion and is tagged as inactive.  

Since the student is inactive he can be added to your school database by selecting the student and clicking on the Transfer Student button.  If a student is not found through the District Lookup form click the mouse on Student Not Found.

The Cancel Lookup is only used when canceling the search.

NOTE:  If the student is returning to the same school in the current year, adding a new Student record is not needed.  The existing Student record can be reactivated by removing the Inactive Status Tag and updating the Students Start Date.  Update the School Enter date to the student's new start date.

Once the student data is copied to your school database, follow through with updating the student data with the most current information.


Data Elements to watch for accuracy when copying student records from a previous enrollment:

  • Basic demographic data: grade level, address district/school entry date
  • If the student is a English Language Learner
  • If the student is a Special Education Student
  • If the student is enrolled in any special programs, NSLP, Migrant, Gate, etc.

Postal Codes:

  • Aeries student screen “USPS Zip Code Locater”
  • Remember to use the postal code guidance for student address entry.


Adding a New Student - Manual Data Entry

  • When the student has no previous enrollment with your district they must be manually entered with the registration information. 
  • The development of a registration form that also contains the required information for CALPADS or other State reporting will help to support best practice for data management.
  • Proper collection of the registration information and accurate data entry is vital for successful CALPADS reporting.
  • For best data practices, it is always good to have protocols and procedures set up to refer to that will ensure accurate collection and entry of required data elements.

Copy Student from Prior Year/District Student Lookup


A District Student Lookup with Copy One capabilities can be performed. The District lookup has a Multi-Year District Search option that allows the copying of a student from a prior year if they do not exist in the current year. 

More information is available at the following link:  Searching for Students

The District Student Lookup also includes the ability to print a Transcript and Enrollment History from prior years. This makes the process of printing transcripts for prior year graduates available while being logged into the current year database.

Once the search information has been selected, click on the Search button. A list of records that match the search criteria will display. Click on a record to view additional information.

Once a student record is selected additional information will display at the bottom of the page. This information includes the Prior Years the student exists in and information on Enter and Leave dates and Leave Reasons.

The Copy Student icon will only display if the student does not exist in the current year database. If the Copy Student icon is shown clicking on it will copy the student into the current year database. The copy process will add the selected student and their Tables to Copy (TTC) from the selected year into the current school and year. The copy process will also update all ID based tables where data exists.

Define Required Fields

Define Required Fields form allows you to setup fields as required when data is entered. 

This will assure accurate data management and will help sustain the district procedures for student data.  Fields can be defined as required to meet the purpose of providing cleaner data for State reporting. 

Fields that could be setup as required would be fields that always seem to be missed when student records are first entered. For example, below Last Name, First Name, Gender, and Grade are setup as required fields on the Student Demographics form.  Defining fields can also be setup for other screens within Aeries where intake procedures need to have better management and sustainability.

More information is available at the following link:  Define Required Fields

Data Entry on the Demographics Page

Each district establishes policy for which fields are mandated when enrolling students.  User fields can be be customized and required for district needs.  

Typically the parent will provide the following documents when enrolling their child:  

  • Completed district paperwork 
  • A birth certificate
  • Immunization records 
  • Proof of address

From the demographics page, the following data fields are populated:

  • Using the birth certificate enter the student's Last Name (STU.LN), First Name (STU.FN), Middle Name (STU.MI), Birth Date (STU.BD), Birth City (STU.BCY), State (STU.BST), and Country (STU.BCU).
  • Enter the Birth Verification (STU.VBD) field with 1-Birth Certificate.
  • Using the proof of address documents, enter the student's Address (STU.AD), City (STU.CY), State (STU.ST) and Zip Code (STU.ZC).  
  • If the Mailing Address is not the same as the Residence Addressremove the checkmark on Mailing (same?), and enter the mailing address.  
  • If not using the Streets table, enter the Resident School (STU.RS). 
  • If a student is on an Inter-District Transfer or Intra-District transfer, enter the Inter-District Type (STU.IT) and District of Residence (STU.ITD) fields.  If tracking the Inter-District/Intra-District expiration data in Aeries, enter the Inter-District/Intra-District Expiration Date (STU.ITE).
  • Enter the Parent/Guardian Name (STU.PG) and Primary Telephone Number (STU.TL).
  • Using the Home Language Survey, enter the Parent Education Level (STU.PED), Corresponding Language (STU.CL), Home Language (STU.HL) and Language Fluency (STU.LF).
  • Using the district documentation, enter the student's Ethnicity (STU.ETH) and Race(s) (STU.RC1, STU.RC2, etc.).
  • If the student is being enrolling in a special program (Special Day Class, Independent Study, etc.), enter the district's corresponding code in the Student Programs (STU.SP) field.
  • For a new student, enter the District Enter Date (STU.DD) and School Enter Date (STU.ED) as the first day that the student will attend school.  If a student had attended the district previously, the District Enter Date (STU.DD) will already be populated, enter the School Enter Date (STU.ED) for the student.
  • Enter any district designated User Code (STU.U1, STU.U2, etc.) fields.
  • Confirm the Next School (STU.NS) and Next Grade (STU.NG) codes are correct.
  • Click the Update button to add the student.