Print Error Report


The Print Physical Fitness Error report will generate a listing of students with various PFT errors.  An option form will display that will allow you to select different errors and options when the report is generated. 


NOTE: The Errors printed on this report are determined by the most recent Physical Fitness Test Student Data File Layout that is provided by the State.  Please review the Student Data File Layout to become familiar with the Acceptable Values setup by the State that can be entered into the fields on the Physical Fitness Test Results form in Aeries.  Any value that is NOT acceptable will create an error on the Testing Vendor software and WILL BE REQUIRED to be fixed manually

NOTE: The Show “Reason” Warnings (Not Tested, Incomplete Test) is now an option on the Test Error Report Form.


The following example of the Print Physical Fitness Error report displays some of the possible errors and warnings that could be printed when the report is generated.  There are warnings that have printed and the Field Value column indicates the value entered.  The Valid Values column indicates the only State values that will be accepted in the Testing Vendors software and the Value Loaded indicates the value that will be loaded into the file.


NOTE:  It is crucial that ALL errors that print on this report are corrected.  The Physical Fitness file CANNOT be created without these errors resolved.   The warnings are only warning indicators that do not have to be corrected but should be verified.



Create Fitness File for Reporting to the State

The Create Fitness Files for Reporting to State is used to create the Student.txt file and is available in Aeries Client Version.  When created, the Student.txt file contains student data and physical fitness test results for physical fitness reporting.

Prior to creating the PFT file the Error Report must be generated and all errors MUST be corrected.  The Error Report can be generated from the Create Fitness Extract form or from the Physical Fitness Testing form.  If a report displays containing a list of errors they must be corrected prior to creating the PFT file.  The Create button will be disabled until all errors are corrected.

On the Schools tab the County, District and School codes will automatically display from the LOC table.  If this is a Charter School enter the school number in the Charter Sch# field. 

At the top of the form there are two tabs, the Parent Education Level and the NSLP Code.   These tabs will be used to convert the data in Aeries to the CALPADS codes.  To load the Cross Reference with the District data, click on the Load District XRF button.


The Grade to update will automatically default to the proper grade.  A message will display indicating which Testing Admin records will be extracted to the Student.txt file. Verify the Path to the Fitness Text Files is correct.

If student’s Reporting Home School is different than the current school these students can be skipped if the Skip Rptg Home School option is selected.  The Create button will remain disabled until the Error Report is generated from this form and there are no errors. 

Any active student that does not have a PFT record for the Testing Admin displayed MUST have a record created.  Notice below the Error indicates Student missing Physical Fitness data. If the students that display on this report did not take the test they can be mass added to the PFT table and be included in the Student.txt file. Please note that beginning with the Spring 2014 test administration the State no longer requires the Incomplete Test or Not Tested reasons, however schools may want to populate this information for their own purposes.

To add these students, click on the Mass Add Fitness Records button.  An option form will display to select the Not Tested Reason code that will be used for ALL students that are mass added to the PFT table.  Click on the Reason Code and then click on the OK button. 

The Date Input form with the Test Date will default to 04/01/20xx but a new date can be entered.  Click on the OK button.  In order to enable the Create button the Error Report must be generated.  If all errors have been corrected on the Error Report the Create button will display. 

Click on the Create button to create the Student.txt file.  A message will display with the number of students added to the file and the folder where the file was saved.  The following message will display if there is an existing Student.txt file in the same location of the path selected. To save the file, click on the Yes button to create a backup of the Student.txt file.

A Save in box will display and will default to the Path to Fitness Text Files and the File name will default to Student_bkup.txt.  The Save in location and File names can be changed. Click on the SAVE button. 

Backup Fitness Text Files

The Backup Fitness Text Files is utilized to make a backup copy of the Student.txt file for safe-keeping.   The backup will create a copy of the text file.  To create the backup copy, click  on the Backup Fitness Text Files option.  The following Save in box will display.  The Save in location will default to the Path to Fitness Text Files and the File name will default to Student_bkup.txt.  The Save in location and File name can be changed. Click on the SAVE button.  A message will display with the location and file names.