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All of the  Aeries Civil Right Data Collection options are stored in the District Options (DPT) table. There currently is no report to list all of the options with their selected values, but a Query can be run to find out this information.  Here are several queries that you might find useful: 

To list all of the Civil Rights Options:


To list the courses that will be used to report the subject totals:


When looking at the data in the Code (CD) field, the ^ symbol is used to separate two or more values. 

In the case of an option that lists which table, field and value to use to determine a count, the ^ will be between each of these items. In the below screenshot the table, field and value to determine if a student had an instance of a seclusion is the Behavioral Emergency (BER) table, the Code (CD) field and the SE value. 

In the case of a list of values, the ^ will be used to separate the values. In the below screenshot the Course IDs 0660, 0674 and 0676 are all courses that would be used to determine enrollment in a Physics course.

The ~ symbol is used when a specific table and field needs to be identified along with more than one value for that field. In the below screenshot the Expulsion is identified by a record in the Dispositions (DSP) table the Disposition (DS) field and values of either EXP or EXP-P

The & symbol is used when several tables or several fields need to be analyzed. In the below screenshot two fields in the Victims (VIC) table need to be evaluated to determine if there was an "Allegation of Harassment of Bullying Based on Religion". The Victims (VIC) Type (TY) field will need to have a value of 01 or 02 and the Victims (VIC) Based on Religion (BB) field will need to be True.