In the Certified Teachers area select the code(s) that indicate that the teacher is certified to teach Algebra I, Mathematics and Science. The CRDC process will evaluate the Algebra, Math and Science teacher's Staff Highly Qualified Areas (STH) records to determine the number of classes taught by certified teachers. Click on the Save Certified Teacher Settings button before moving on to the Other Codes area.

Other Codes

As of the 3/13/2019 update many codes have been given default values based on the CALPADS Translation file or the specific tables, fields and code values designed to hold the requested data. CRDC Code Types that were already mapped to Aeries codes prior to the 3/13/2019 update will remain unchanged. Only the unmapped codes will display the default values.

In the below example the first time the Other Codes tab is opened the Student Discipline area has many expulsion and suspension CRDC Code Types defined with the values mapped from the CALPADS Code Translations for Discipline Action Taken (Disposition) (DSP.DS), the Assertive Discipline Instructional Support Indicator (ADS.ISI), or the Assertive Discipline Law Enforcement Notified (ADS.LNF) tables and fields.

The Harassement or Bullying areas default to the Victims (VIC) table and fields.

The Restraint and Seclusion area defaults to the Behavioral Emergency Report (BER) table and fields.

The International Baccalaureate Courses are determined by the Course Level (CRS.CL) field, and the SAT/ACT and AP Exam results are stored in the College Test Scores (CTS) table.

Review all default codes mappings and adjust any mappings to fit your district's needs.

Adding or Editing Codes

To add or edit an Aeries code set click on the Edit icon next to the CRDC Code Type.

Use the dropdowns to select the Aeries table and field that hold the information for the particular CRDC Code type. If you are familiar with the table and field names used in Query you can type the information into each dropdown and press the TAB key to move to the next one. 

NOTE: The Other Codes page is very complex. Pausing momentarily between the Table, Field and Code will give the system time to populate the dropdowns with the available values.

Multiple Code values can be selected for a single code. When multiple codes are selected for a table and field the system will look for at least one of these values to include the student in the count.

If a code value is selected by accident it can be removed by clicking on the X.

And and Or conditions can also be used to add additional criteria when calculating the counts for the CRDC Code Type. In the above example we can combine the requirement of certain Assertive Discipline codes with values from the Weapons Type field to complete the conditions that need to be met to identify "Physical attack or fight with a firearm or explosive device" offenses. Clicking on the AND button brings up another Table, Field and Code set that can be populated with additional criteria.

Enter the additional criteria and click on the Save icon to save the changes

The saved record displays as follows. When the CRDC Code Type for "Physical attack or fight with a firearm or explosive device" is calculated the system will only count Assertive Discipline records that occurred in the 2017-18 school year with one of the listed Assertive Discipline Offense codes and one of the listed Assertive Discipline Weapon Types. 

Complex conditions can be created by including both AND and OR records but each CRDC Code Type is limited to about 4 nested conditions. Whenever possible is best to use the multiple codes option. 

To remove an AND or OR condition from a CRDC Code Type click on the Edit icon to edit the record, and then click on the Delete icon next to the additional condition

To remove the primary condition from the CRDC Code Type blank out the Table, Field and Code values. Click the Save icon to save the changes.

After all CRDC Code Type mappings have been reviewed/updated click on the Next button to go to the Results tab.