Navigate to School Info > Imports and Exports > Civil Rights Data Collection > Courses tab

The Courses tab has the option to select courses by the Subject Area codes and the Department codes for Math, Science, Foreign Language, English/Reading and Math & Science.  The codes that display for the Subject Area tab are set up in the Graduation Requirements (REQ) table for school 0.  See the bottom of this article for more information about setting up the the Graduation Requirements (REQ) in school 0. 

School districts that do not service high school students (only K-8 students) may not use Graduation Requirements (REQ) at all. In this case the Department tab should be selected. The codes that display for the Department tab are set up in the Code (COD) table (where COD.TC = 'CRS' and COD.FC = 'DC').  

Some districts may have their courses set up where high school courses use Subject Area and middle school courses use Department Code. These districts will need to complete both tabs in order to select all of the Math, Science and AP courses for both the high schools and middle schools at the same time. 

Select either the Subject Area or Department  tab.

Select the appropriate Subject Area or Department code(s) under each list. The Civil Rights calculations will use the Subject Area/Department codes when calculating the count of classes. These selections are also used to limit the list of Math and Science courses to choose from in the next Courses screen.

Click on the Save Subject Areas/Departments button to save the selections before leaving the tab. A green message will display indicating that the selections were saved. After the Subject Area and/or Department tabs have been completed and saved click on the Next button to open up the Math, Science and Other Courses selection page.

On the Math, Science, and Other Courses page select the courses that were offered during the 2017-18 school year in each of the lists by clicking in the checkbox next the course id. 

You can also use the web page to help search for specific courses by clicking CTRL-F and entering the first few characters of a course title or course id that you are searching for. In the below example 'geom' was entered into the search box. The web page highlighted 'geom' in each list which made it easier to find the Geometry courses in the Geometry list.

After all selections have been made click on the Save Course Settings button. A green message will display indicating that the course selections have been saved. Click on the Next button to open up the Codes tab.

Graduation Requirements in the District (School 0)

Navigate to Grade Reporting > Configurations > Graduation Requirements

The codes that will display for the Subject Area are set up in the Graduation Requirements (REQ) table at the District (school 0) level.  This program CANNOT use Subject Areas that are only set up in the Grad Tracks, the Subject Areas must also be defined in the default Grad Track. 

Log into the 2020-21 year at the District level and select the Graduation Requirements page to view/update the requirements. Enter any requirements that are missing in the district level. 

Graduation Requirements - adding all Subject Area codes to District Default example

The Civil Rights Data Collection process will only process graduation requirements for the Default Grad Track. In order to include any requirement defined under a different Grad Track, the requirement must be added to the Default Grad Track and must be set up with zeroes in the Required Credits for Grade fields.  

In the above example the M - Adv Math subject area only applies to students in the Mth Sci Trk graduation track. In order to be able to include any courses flagged with the M subject area code in the Civil Rights process, it needed to be added to the Default Grad Track with zeroes in the credit requirements for each grade.