Table of Contents

Key Expectations

What are the “Must Haves” in order for our customers to consider Enrollment Management to be vastly improved in Next Gen?

  • Processes are centralized. 
  • Data only exists in one place
  • When a piece of data is updated, all pages that display that data will show the new data
  • Prior year records are easy to access.
  • Customizable Withdrawal and No Show forms
  • Customizable, more efficient Enrollment process
  • An easiser way to handle InterDistrict Transfers
  • Built in Data Validations
  • Ability to notify others of an Enrollment, i.e., ELL, Nurse, SPED, etc.

Changes & Differences from Existing Functionality  

Enrollment History

  • There will not be separate Attendance Enrollment Records, Attendance Programs, Enrollment History Records, and  Enter/Leave Dates. Enrollment History that will combine all the fields necessary to manage the Enrollment

  • All Enrollment can be managed for a Student on the Student Information page in the Enrollment History, including Exiting the Student, changing Programs, Pre-enrollments and Graduating Students.

  • Will have the ability to work with multiple Students on one ‘Manage Enrollments’ page.

Enrollment Process

  • Instead of initiating an Enrollment from a Student Demographic Screen and having to visit multiple pages to enter information, there will be a separate Enrollment process. 

  • Instead of having multiple copies of a Student record, one for each School, all Student Records will exist at the District Level and then be assigned to Schools through an Enrollment record.

  • The process will consist of:

    • A guided enrollment process with a customizable list of Tasks to be completed for the enrollment.

    • As information is entered, a background search will be conducted to look for existing records across all years.

    • Based on the Address, the User may be prompted to associate this Student with an existing household and use the existing information and Contacts for this Enrollment.

    • New Student Enrollments will only receive a RegistrationID until the Enrollment is finalized, then they receive a StudentID.

    • Enrollments can be completed over time and Users can return to the last step completed.

    • All the information, Demographics, Previous District, Inter District, Contacts, etc. can be gathered in this step-by-step process.

    • Documents can be uploaded at each step.

    • Notifications can be sent to other Staff for follow-up on the new Student.

No Shows and Withdrawals

  • Currently the No Show form has to be set up at each school. The new Aeries will allow the creation of multiple setups that can be assigned to Schools

  • Withdrawals can be done from the Enrollment History on the Student Information page, instead of visiting multiple pages

Wireframe Concepts  

The Enrollment Process:

A 'Manage Enrollments' page:

Enrollment History on the Student Information page:

Plan Summary  

  • Enrollment Management in Aeries tracks the Students enrollment from the time the Student enters the District until they leave. It keeps a record of the Schools the Student has attended and the dates, and the reasons for entering/leaving Schools and the District. The Enrollment Record is essential for State Reporting and must be maintained accurately. It includes Attendance Programs, Grade changes, and inter/intra- district transfers.
  • We plan to make the process easier and more intuitive with guided workflows and reminders. All Enrollment related tasks will be centralized and processes such Enrollments, No Shows, and Withdrawals will be customizable
  • We will work to ensure the data meets all State Reporting and Ed-Fi Standards for interoperability with 3rd parties