Table of Contents

Key Expectations

What are the “Must Haves” in order for our customers to consider XXX to be vastly improved in Next Gen?

  • The ability to search by Family Key/Household #
  • Allow students to belong to more than a one Family Key/Household #
  • If the student Lives with a Contact and the Student Address changes, the Contact/Contacts Address should also be updated as well as all Family Members in the Household
  • The ability to track non-School aged Family Members in Aeries

Changes & Differences from Existing Functionality  

                            Current Aeries                                                                                    Aeries Next Gen
  • Links Students by Family Key
  • Not a separate Table
  • Students can only have one Family Key
  • Address changes on Student Information does not update Contacts that live with the student
  • Unable to track non-school aged household members
  • Communication for email is based on a single contact
  • Sibling Look-up uses logic from Mass Assign Family Keys

  • Links Students to a Household
  • Separate Table “Households”
  • Students can belong to more than one Household
  • Address changes on the student can update Contacts that live with that student as well as other students in the household
  • Household Table will allow the addition of Members such as Non-School age children as a Member
  • Able to search by Household #
  • Able to access House Information from other Student Related areas
  • Notification Group
  • Household Lookup will be based on a search the user can determine the search criteria
  • Students will be automatically assigned a Primary Household #
  • Enrollment Workflow/Contact Workflow will prompt the user concerning which household if any the contact belongs
  • Data Validations to show duplicate Contact Records as well as possible Household Members

Wireframe Concepts  

Plan Summary  

Aeries will be taking a Household/Family approach! As the Families may grow and change, the household approach in Aeries Next Gen will allow the flexibility to grow with them. Households today, include one or more family members from a generation, adoptive families, foster families, and families where children may be raised by Grandparents or other relatives. With the addition of tracking non-school aged household members, the Household approach along with our Notification Group feature, will not only encourage all parent involvement at a personal level but will allow the User an at-a-glance view of all members within the Households.