To support districts in building successful master schedules using Flex, Aeries is providing all hosted districts with a new FLEX Sandbox! These sandboxes are free of charge and will allow districts to begin trying out Flex Scheduling in a sandbox environment to see just how it works and evaluate how well it meets each school's scheduling needs. 

To access the FLEX Sandbox:  Districts will be able to access their FLEX Sandbox in their current Database drop-down menu upon login.

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Users will have the same permissions in the FLEX Sandbox that they currently have in their Live Database. We have already enabled the Feature Flag for Flex in these sandboxes, so you are ready to start flex scheduling as soon as you log in.

Setting up your Flex Master Schedule: Once you access the sandbox, each school should decide how they want to start with Flex.  Will each site copy their current Master Schedule and covert it to Flex, OR do they prefer to build a brand-new master schedule in the SMS using the Flex features through each step. Here are guides on how to set up the sandbox for each of these scenarios: 

  • To build a brand-new SMS for your transition to Flex Scheduling, CLICK HERE for documentation or HERE for VIDEO
  • To copy your current MST to SMS to use for your Transition to Flex Scheduling, CLICK HERE for documentation or HERE for VIDEO
  • For schools who currently use Flex Scheduling and want to begin Flex Scheduling for next school year, CLICK HERE

Once you have completed your Scheduling Setup according to the documentation above, you are ready to dive into the Flex Scheduling world of Class Calendars, Flex Periods, and more. Please refer to the documentation available in our Flex Scheduling Library to follow through the Flex Scheduling setup process step-by-step.

Please note, Aeries cannot copy your scheduling results from the FLEX Sandbox to your Live Database. All Flex Scheduling created in your new FLEX Sandbox will need to be re-created when you decide to turn on Flex Scheduling in your Live Database.

Please note, the best practice recommendation is to set up one Class Calendar per Flex Period for maximum flexibility.

For self-hosted districts, we would like to encourage you to set up a sandbox for Flex Scheduling. This Sandbox should be set to not restore nightly so your Flex settings are not erased with each restore. For help creating a sandbox, CLICK HERE.

If you have questions about using this Flex Sandbox, please submit a ticket to