Can classified employees be included in the staff table (STF)?  Should the staff table contain certificated employees only? ↑

Each district can decide how to populate the staff table (STF).  Both certificated and classified employee data can be listed in the staff table. As long as classified employees do not have a job assignment record (STJ), they will not be extracted for CALPADS reporting. If a former teacher returns to work in a classified capacity, remove the SEID number from the existing staff record. If a district is using Aeries Communications, all employees (Certificated and Classified) must have a record in the Staff (STF) table.

How is the local mapping to the CALPADS Course Group State Codes managed for a district's courses? 

The State Course Code field is located in the Course table on the California Specific Fields tab. CALPADS provides a Code Set table which lists the various codes for populating this field. If a code is no longer being used, CALPADS lists an end date in the Code Set table.  

How is a course section or class reported that has more than one instructional strategy? 

If a course/class falls into more than one instructional strategy category and one of those strategies is Special Education, then Special Education is the instructional strategy that should be selected. Special Education is reported over all all other instructional strategies.

If the two instructional strategies are between Home Hospital and EL, Home Hospital should be selected over an EL instructional strategy.

If there are multiple EL instructional strategies that qualify, districts need to choose accordingly.  There is no ranking order for EL instructional strategies.  Select the EL instructional strategy that is the best representation of the class.  

How should a student be reported if on a short term independent study contract during CBEDS Information Day? 

If students are on a short term independent study contracts, their schedules are not changed. The short term independent study information is documented in Attendance and Attendance Enrollment.

However if during CBEDS Information Day, a student is placed on a short term independent study contract, the student's schedule will need to be changed. The student will need to be scheduled into sections which are identified with an instructional setting of Independent Study for the duration of the short term independent study contract.

Where does a district designate that a course is a Special Education self contained class? 

At the elementary level, the Teacher Data form has the necessary fields for indicating that a class is a Special Education self-contained class.  Populate the CBEDs and Instructional Strategy fields.

Teacher Data

At a secondary school with a master schedule, Instructional Strategy is populated in the section. Also, populate the Course which is located in the Course table to two areas:  Other tab/Course level field and California Specific Fields tab/CBEDs # field.

Master Schedule


Does a district need to identify the content with the appropriate State Course Code on a credit recovery course for Fall 2 reporting? 

If using a generic course for "credit recovery" purposes, each section of a "credit recovery" course submitted for Fall 2 must be mapped to the appropriate State Course Code which represents the content being "recovered".   

How should a Teacher be reported if the Teacher was on leave on Information Day? May the School Site Administrator be reported with the assignment and course enrollment? 

Effective for the 2019/2020 school year, the assignments of all certificated staff submitted during the Fall 2 data submission will be monitored to ensure that certificated staff have the appropriate credentials and authorizations.  The Fall 2 assignment data certified in CALPADS will be provided to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) who will identify any miss-assignments. The results will be used to meet both state and federal reporting requirements. The CDE does not intend that a site administrator who is not "responsible" for the class be reported as the teacher of record. Districts are mandated to report the teacher of record in CALPADS submissions.

  • If a long-term substitute is hired:
    • The substitute is added to the assigned teacher's record as Staff #2 (TCH.ID2) in Teacher Data (TCH).
    • The assigned teacher's record is populated with a code of 09 - No Multi-Teacher in the  Multi-Teacher (TCH.MTS) field.

How should inactive Staff records be handled? 

Although Aeries will report a staff record becoming inactive to CALPADS, staff (STF) and teacher (TCH) table data records should be updated each year to ensure good data reporting. After the rollover, teacher records can be deleted at the school site if the teacher is no longer employed at the school. Staff records, at the district level, can also be deleted after the rollover. The maintenance of staff data within Aeries is a district decision.

Please update any staff who should no longer be reported to CALPADS following the guidelines listed below.

School Teacher Record Clean-up:

  • Remove the Staff ID.
  • Confirm teacher is not associated with any sections in MST/SMS.
  • Remove the Electronic tag.
  • Inactivate the teacher record.

District Staff Record Clean-up:

Click on the Pencil Icon

  • Change the School code to 0.
  • Inactivate the staff record.
  • Enter a Leave Date.
  • Leave the Position Status and FTE (So the record can be closed in CALPADS).
  • Remove Job Assignments.
  • Remove HQT Status.

What does an LEA do if a teacher is on a local assignment option but that local assignment option is not available in the CALPADS Local Assignment Option code set? 

The Local Assignment Option code is not a required code. The Commission on Teacher Credentialing provided the California Department of Education (CDE) with the most frequently used local assignment options and those are the codes represented in the code set. If a local assignment option does not appear in the code set, leave the field blank. The district credential analyst would then be able to provide evidence of the local assignment option in the California State Assignment Accountability System (CalSAAS). Also, CALPADS provides a code 23-Other LAO to indicate that another local assignment option is being used by that teacher. It will still need to be validated by the district credential analyst in CalSASS.