Does a District need to work from a "snapshot" of the database for Fall 1 Information Day?

A backup of the data is not needed.  However if a district wants to have one, a backup can be created of your database on Information Day for Fall 1 reporting (always the first Wednesday in October) and set it aside.  If ever needed - it would be available.  

CALPADS reporting is extracted from your live district data.  Submissions are made frequently throughout the school year.  As errors are identified, the data in Aeries may need to be modified, corrected and resubmitted.  The CBEDS Report (View All Reports/filter for CBEDS) can be extracted using the Information Day date.  The CBEDS Report is a useful resource to assist while verifying and comparing program and demographic information to the reports in CALPADS.  Once Fall 1 is certified, the reports can be extracted from CALPADS at any time and are always readily available.

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