Note:  The Quick Start Guide for Gradebook Templates was created to provide basic information for using Gradebook Templates.  In depth documentation is available at the following link:  Gradebook Templates.


The Aeries Gradebook Templates functionality allows the setup and creation of “model” Gradebook Templates that can be configured at each school according to established protocol.  Teachers, assigned to create the Gradebook Templates, need to be given Insert permissions to Create Gradebook Templates GBK_Templates on their teacher user account.

Creating the Gradebook Template

  • Name the Gradebook Template accordingly.
  • Select desired configurations within the gradebook:  
    • Options
    • Categories
    • Assignments
    • Final Marks
    • Narrative Grades
    • Rules
  • Students are not added to the gradebook.

Suggested Practices

  • Identify and assign permissions to staff responsible for creating Gradebook Templates.
  • Create Gradebook Templates and "test" the templates with some teachers to confirm that the Gradebook Template functions as expected.
  • If using a Gradebook Templates is optional, teachers can create their own individualized gradebooks or copy from the available Gradebook Templates.
  • If districts mandate using Gradebook Templates, the Portal Options/Gradebook Tab needs to be configured:
    • Select the option to Require Teachers to use Templates when Creating Gradebooks.
    • Districts also have the ability to lock specific gradebook options using Gradebook Option Locking.
  • Gradebook Templates can be copied to additional schools using the Mass Copy Gradebooks feature.