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Navigate to Grade Reporting > Grading Reporting Process Dashboard. A wide array of options are available when using Grade Report Cards. Many pages and reports can be found in the Grade Reporting Process Dashboard.


Grades (GRD)
Grade History (GRH)
Grade Report Options (GRO)
Update Multiple Mark Headings (GRP)
Non-admin users will need full (Read, Insert, Update and Delete) permissions to: GradesGrade History, Grade Reporting Options, Grade Reporting Address Options and Mark Headings and Descriptions.

To print report cards, users need Read and Update to GRD.
Grade Reporting Periods (GPD)UpdateUsers will need Update permission to GPD if using Grading Periods.
Grades (GRD)
Teachers Group
Teachers Groups will need Read and Update to GRD to post grades.
Grades (GRD)
Parent/Student Portal Groups
ReadParent/Student Portal Groups need Read to GRD in order to see grades on the portal.
 NamPushPullSetupTables  Read, Administer Admin Users have full permissions to this page and available tables to Push/Pull.  
Non-admin users can also be given Administer permissions to this page to Push/Pull specific tables. 
Option Sets: GradeRptg
Grade Reporting Options (GRO)
Read, AdministerEach User/Group needs to be given 'Administer' permission to the individual tables required by the Option Set they wish to push

Grade Report Options  

The Grade Reporting Options form is used to select the Grade Reporting Options and the Secondary Standards Based Grade Reporting Options. Some options were modified to work in Flex scheduling school types.

The Grade Reporting Options page includes a variety of options to be used when printing Grade Report Cards.


  • Title on Report Cards - Describes the current grading period and prints on the report cards.
  • School Message - A message that can be printed on every report card.
  • Reporting Period - Starting and ending dates for the grade-reporting period. The dates are initially set up when Create New Grade Reporting Table is generated and prints on the report cards. 
  • Default Citizenship Mark - If grades are scanned a default citizenship mark, such as "S", will automatically be entered if the teacher does not bubble in a citizenship mark.
  • Print Credit Earned? - Select YES to print the credits earned on the report cards.
  • Print Absent? - Select YES to print the number of absences. 
  • Print Tardy? - Select YES to print the number of tardies.
  • Print Which GPA? - Select which GPA’s to be printed on the report cards. 
  • Print Cumulative or Grade Report Class Rank - Select the class rank to print for each student.
  • Print GPA’s to 4 Decimals - Select this option to print 4 decimals instead of the default 2 decimals. 
  • Sort Report Cards - Select the order that the report cards will be sorted in when printed. 
    • by Name - Report cards will be printed in Alphabetical order by student's Last Name then First Name.
    • by Zip Code - Report cards will be printed in ZIP Code order low to high, in alphabetical order for each ZIP code.
    • by Grade - Report cards will be printed from low grade to high grade, in alphabetical order for each grade.
    • by Teacher- This option is used when Teachers hand out Report Cards. When selected, two additional options will display: by Name or by Number.
      • By Name - Allows the report cards to print with the staff name and room in the bottom corner of the page. The batch will be sorted by the Staff Name of the selected time.
      • By Number - Allows the report cards to print with the staff name and room in the bottom corner of the page. The batch will be sorted by the Staff ID Number of the selected time.
      • When this option is selected, two additional options will be available on the Print Grade Report Cards form:
        • Date Report Cards are to be handed out: Select the date the report cards are to be handed out
        • Time Report Cards are to be handed out: Select the time the report cards will be handed out.
  • Print Zip Code Extension? - Select whether to print the zip code extension.
  • Enable Hours on Grades/Transcript? – Select whether to enable Hours to display on the Grades, Grade History, and Transcript pages. The Hours field is populated from Supplemental Attendance Sessions that are linked to grade reporting. Please refer to the Supplemental Attendance documentation for more information.

Initialize Grade Reporting Cycle  

The Initialize New Grade Reporting Cycle has been adjusted to work in a Flex Scheduling school or school using Section Staff. For complete directions on procedures for this page, see Grade Reporting - Initialize New Grade Reporting Cycle.

In a Flex School or school using Section Staff, the process will look at the Section Staff Members (SSE) table for any Primary Teacher. A primary teacher will have a "YES" indicator in the Primary Teacher (SSE.PR) column. When the Grade Reporting Cycle is initialized, the Staff ID from the primary teacher will be placed into the GRD table in a field called GRD.SID. Another field used is the Section (GRD.SE) field which was added as part of the primary keys. In order to have permissions to the Grade table and be able to update Grades from the Grades by Teacher form, the Staff member must either be the Primary Teacher or be a teacher with Grade Reporting access. A teacher with grade reporting access will have either a "blank" or a "YES" in the Grade Reporting (SSE.GR) column in the Section Staff Members area at the bottom of the MST page for the section.

Navigate to Grade Reporting > Functions > Initialize Grade Reporting Cycle. A green message will display if Grade Marks have been initialized previously indicating a date and Mark last initialized. A blue message will indicate if the prior grades have been copied to Grade History and will include the mark copied. 

Select the Reporting Period, starting and ending dates for the grading period and the mark you wish to initialize. When selecting to Show Absences and Tardies, the Grade table will reflect absences for the Flex Periods and sections being created and will be calculated based on the CAT table where the period attendance is stored in Flex schools. 

When Update Grade History (GRH)? is checked, the initialization process will include the function to copy the last GRD Mark to the GRH table at the same time prior to creating a new grade cycle, The mark being copied will display under the Update Grade History (GRH) for your reference. This information is pulled from the LOC table.

In some circumstances, it is necessary to add one section to an existing grade table when a cycle is currently active. Select the option Update for One Section and insert the section number being added.

A warning message will appear, select OK to continue the process. Select Cancel if you do not wish to proceed.

Upon completion of either process, you will receive an email notification to let you know the process has completed indicating the information included in your options.

NOTE: Never create a new Grade (GRD) table in the middle of a grading cycle.

Copy Grades to Grade History

After grades are complete, the Copy Grades to GRH function will copy grades from the GRD table to the Grade History (GRH) table. If this process is being done separately from Grade Initialization, this function can be found under Grade Reporting > Functions > Copy Grades to GRH. The table will store a multitude of fields that originated from the GRD table or other related GRD tables such as marks, citizenship, comments, absences, tardies, etc. 

Click on the Select Which Mark to Move to GRH drop down and a menu will display the available marks to move. Click on the Copy Grades to Grade History (GRH) button and the grades will be copied to the GRH table.

In a Flex School, this table will reflect any teacher in the Section Staff Members table that is either a primary teacher or a teacher with SSE.GR permissions as stated above. The Primary Teacher will display with an asterisk (*) next to their name. All other teachers connected to this section will display if the section staff record does not have an end date prior to the current date in section staff for the teacher. 

For more information on Grade History, see the Copy Grades to History section under Grade Reporting.

Navigate to Grade Reporting > Reports > Grade Report Cards or Grade Reporting > Grade Reporting Process Dashboard >E. Print Grade Reports >1. Grade Report Cards.

The Print Grade Report Cards gather all Grade (GRD) or Gradebook Snapshots (GSS) data necessary to produce any of the available Report Cards listed below. For more information on Grading Snapshots, see Grading Snapshots. This is done at the end of the grading cycle when all grades have been entered by teachers and verification of any missing grades have been complete.

  • Print Mail info at top of page: All letter Report Cards have the option to print mail information at the top of the Report Card instead of the bottom. Click on Print mail info at top of page to select this option.  
  • Select Report Card to Print: Select from 1 mark letter through 12 mark letters options, 1 mark trifold - 12 mark trifold options, Grade History Letter or Grade History Trifold. 
    • When these options are selected, use the drop-down to select which marks to display on the report card.
  • Print Report Cards For: Defaults to print Report Cards for Active students Only. To include Inactive Students select Both Active and Inactive Students.

NOTE: If printing Report Cards for Inactive Students, confirm that the Sort Report Cards option in Grade Reporting Options is set to print by Name.

  • The Address Report Cards To section has two options, Parents and Contacts - Only students who have contacts.
    • Selecting Parents prints Report Cards using the Parent/Guardian name and address from the Demographics page. 
    • Selecting Contacts prints a Report Card only for those Contacts that have a Mail Tag code on a Contact record. If no contacts exist with a Mail Tag code, then no Report Cards are printed. 

NOTE: Report cards generated for Parents and Contacts are two separate operations and MUST be run separately. This option is not available when sorting by Teacher.

  • Print Report Cards in Languages: If the Grade Reporting Codes and Descriptions have specific Correspondence Languages set up, then Report Cards can be selected to print for these Correspondence Languages. The Report Card prints for all Students with that Correspondence Language (STU.CL).
    • All Languages – The Report Cards print in the Correspondence Language (STU.CL) of the Student, if not English.
    • English Only – print all Report Cards in English regardless of a Student’s Correspondence Language
    • Only CL Of - print Report Cards for only the Students that have the Correspondence Language selected.
    • If the Correspondence Language codes for Spanish, Vietnamese, Cantonese or Korean are selected, the Headings on the Report Card are translated.

NOTE: The translations must be set up in Update Grade Reporting Codes and Descriptions, otherwise the default is English. 

  • Tracks: If the School is multi-track an option displays to identify which track to print.
  • Sort by Teacher: If the Grade Reporting Options page has the Sort by Teacher option selected, the Grade Report Cards page displays two additional options: 
  • Date Report Cards are to be handed out: Select the date the report cards are to be handed out. Only valid dates according to the Class Calendar will be considered valid dates. If a valid date is not selected, the following message will appear:
  • Time Report Cards are to be handed out: Select the time the report cards will be handed out. If a time selected is before the first period of the day or does not fall within a flex period according to the FTF table, the following message will appear:

Report Card Printout  

Once all selections are made, click on Run Report to generate the Report Cards. 

Run Report button to generate Report Cards

Generate Report Card History

Clicking on Generate Report Card History creates copies of the Report Cards in PDF format for each Student. These can be found in Student Data > Grades > Report Card History. A copy of the report card will be available in English and the correspondence language according to the Student Demographic page if it is different than English.