After grades are complete, the Copy Grades to GRH in Grade Reporting | Functions will copy grades from the GRD table to the Grade History (GRH) table and will store all grade history such as citizenship, comments, absences, tardies, etc. Click on the Select Which Mark to Move to GRH drop down and a menu will display the available marks to move. Click on the Copy Grades to Grade History (GRH) button and the grades will be copied to the GRH table.

This information can be displayed by clicking the Grade History form under Grade Reporting or under Student Data | Grades.

After semester grades are complete, the Copy Grades to Transcripts in Grade Reporting | Functions will copy grades from the Grades (GRD) table to the students’ Course History (HIS) table. The Course History (HIS) table records will print on a student’s transcript. Click on the Copy Grades to Transcripts link. The following selection will display.

The correct term and year must be entered for the current marks to be stored in course history. Semester is usually denoted as 1 for fall, 2 for spring and 3 for summer. To move quarter classes as well as semester and year classes click on the button to Move all applicable classes to HIStory.

To move only quarter classes click on Move ONLY quarter classes to HIStory. This option should only be done at the end of a quarter. Quarter classes are considered to be course records having a “Q” in the Term or TM field. 

If the school is set up as a track school, enter a track number in the Enter Track field or leave this blank to indicate all tracks. To move all but one track each track must be moved separately.

To move marks to history for one particular grade level, select the grade level from the Student Grade dropdown. If Multiple Marks are maintained, choose the mark to be moved. 

If the Overwrite if HIS records exist? is checked, the process will replace valid marks and credits from Grades (GRD) to any existing transcript records (HIS) which match on the same student, course, term, and "sequence" number link (see below for more information). This option should be selected if mass changes were made to GRD records and the copying grades to transcripts function needs to be repeated. This option will prevent the creation of duplicate transcript records.

If the Overwrite if HIS records exist? checkbox is not checked, any existing HIS records will be skipped, even if the corresponding GRD record has been changed. This option will only insert grade records which exist in GRD into HIS if there is no existing record in HIS matching on the student, course, term, and "sequence" number link. 

The "sequence" number link is used to prevent duplicate HIS records. In the SQL tables, when GRD records are copied to HIS, a sequence value from the HIS record is stored in the corresponding GRD record. One of the GRD.S1 - S12 fields (corresponding to the mark recorded in one of the GRD M1-M12 fields) will contain the sequence number (HIS.SQ) for the HIS record that the GRD record was copied into. If grades are copied to HIS again, a new HIS record for the course/term will not be created if one already exists. Instead, the process will overwrite the record containing the same sequence value. For future terms, this feature should allow users to copy grades and credits from GRD to HIS without creating duplicate HIS records. 

Note:  The process will not be able to identify a link between HIS and GRD records created prior to the addition of this new feature. Additionally, Transcript records entered for a different district/school or manually entered will not be touched with either option. Also, if GRD and or HIS records are deleted, the GRD-HIS sequence number "link" will also be deleted. 

Click on the Copy Grades to Transcripts (HIS) button. The message HIS table updated with current grades will display when complete. Click on the OK button. 

The Student Transcript form will now display the current grades.