This page identifies students who do not meet either the 90% attendance requirement for receiving course credit (Texas Education Code § 25.092) or exceed the total minimum number of absences defined in a districts' board policy.  The course credit may be set to zero for selected students accordingly.

This process should be completed for each reporting period in order to identify students who are not in compliance. Early warning lists can be generated to identify students who are in jeopardy of losing credit and facilitate interventions.

NOTE: Coaches can set threshold in Aeries Analytics that shows this aggregated attendance data.

The Attendance Based Grade Reporting page is located under Grade Reporting > Functions at the school level.


  • Before using this page, be sure the Initialize New Grade Reporting Cycle process has been run, which creates a new GRD table for the current mark. 
  • The Grade Reporting - Update Grade Reporting Absence Totals process should be recently run to update attendance totals.
  • Choose one of the following options:
    • Use Attendance Percentage, enter the Low/High Percentage values. In most cases these will be 0 and 89.99 respectively, allowing you to identify students whose attendance percentage is below 90%.
    • Use Minimum Number of Absences, enter the number of absences.  This will identify students who have total absences for this grade reporting period greater than or equal to this number.
  • Select Include Inactive Students if applicable.
  • Click Save Setup if you wish to save these settings for future use.
  • Click Load Students to view students whose attendance meets the specified criteria.

    The program divides the number of days the student was present (GRD.PR) by the number enrollment days (GRD.EN) to determine the attendance Percent for each GRD record. The data is loaded into a temporary table and displayed on the View Data tab. 

NOTE: The District Setting to Total Attendance Across Campuses is checked by default for all Texas Districts.  This means that the total attendance for all sections of the same course, either at the same or different school, for this grade reporting period will be included.

View Data

The View Data tab automatically opens once the Load Data process is completed. Students who meet the specified criteria are listed.

The student list includes the course where the student has attendance within the specified percentage or the minimum number of absences and the current Mark if applicable.

  • In the Update column (Attendance Based Grade flag (GRD.ABG)), select Y to tag the student, indicating that the student's GRD record will be updated according to values set on the Update tab.
    • Click Tag All to set the Update column to Y for all listed students. 
    • Click Tag None to set the Update column to N for all listed students.
    • Click Clear All to clear the Update column for all listed students.

  • You can filter the list of students according to your needs:
    • Show All Students is the default setting, which displays all students whose GRD records are within the specified percentage range.
    • Undetermined Only lists students whose Update field is set to blank (GRD.ABG = ' ').
    • Included Only lists students whose Update field is set to Y (GRD.ABG = Y).
    • Excluded Only lists students whose Update field is set to N (GRD.ABG = N).


The numbers of identified students are indicated:

  • Included displays the count of identified students who are tagged for update (GRD.ABG = Y). These are the students whose records will be updated.
  • Undetermined displays the count of identified students who are not tagged (GRD.ABG = ' ').
  • Excluded displays the count of identified students who are tagged to not be updated (GRD.ABG = N).
  • Total Records displays the count of all identified students.

Select Set Credit Value = 0.00 in order to update the credit awarded for the Included students. The student's credit for the course for this grade reporting cycle will be updated to this value.

  • Optional:  Select "Add credit denied due to excessive absences comment to the report card".  When selected the comment "99-Credit denied due to excessive absences" will be added the comments on Grades and Reports > Grade Report Cards.  If three comments already exist, the last comment will be overwritten with this comment.

  • Click Update. An email message will be sent once the process is complete.

NOTE: Once you click Update, keep the value set to a 'Y' in the Update? column on the View Data tab for records updated.
Update may be run for additional students but never remove the 'Y' for students who have already been updated.  This will ensure that when the function Copy Grades to Transcript is run the Att-Based Grade field (HIS.ABG) will be set to Y and the Pass/Fail Credit Status (HIS.PF) set to 07 (Course Was Passed, But Credit Was Not Received).  

In addition, the districts Transcript Indictor Definitions must include the following entry to ensure the indicator * Credit denied due to excessive absences is included on the student's Transcript. 

If you need to modify records that have already been updated you may do so directly on the Grades or Transcripts pages.
To manually add a record to the student's transcript see Adding/Editing a Students Transcript.