To create the Grade table, select Initialize New Grade Reporting Cycle from the Initialize category on the Secondary Grades Dashboard or under Grade Reporting | Functions on the navigation tree. Verify that all marks have been set up in the Grade Reporting Options and display in the Initialize Which Mark drop down.  Select the mark that you wish to initialize the Grade table for in the Select Reporting Period in the upper left corner. The starting and ending dates will display for the term selected as set up in School Options from the Terms (TRM) table. These dates can be modified.

If multiple tracks are set up they will display at the bottom of the form.  Select the tracks to be included in the grade reporting cycle. This area will be blank if the school is not set up as multi-track. The Update Grade History (GRH) is an option that will copy the last grade marks into the GRH table prior to creating the new GRD table. After all options have been selected click on the Initialize GRD Table button.  The date the GRD table was created will display above the button after it has been created. 

If Secondary Standards Based Grades have been defined for the report card, a message will appear in red stating that the Secondary SBG will also be initialized for the grade range defined in the Secondary SBG Options page.

The Use Course Attendance instead of current sections? option will only display in period, positive attendance schools.  When this option is selected, all the students classes within the date range will be pulled into the GRD table. When not selected, only the current classes will pulled into the GRD table.

REMEMBER: Never create a new Grade (GRD) table in the middle of a grading cycle.