Navigate to Grade Reporting > Functions > Initialize New Grade Reporting Cycle or Grade Reporting Process Dashboard > B. Initialize > 1. Initialize New Grading Cycle

During every grade reporting cycle, on the day before the Grading Window opens, the Grade (GRD) table must be initialized for the appropriate mark.

Select the appropriate Reporting Period. The Starting and Ending Dates will be displayed automatically based on the Term (TRM) table in School Options and can be modified, if needed.

If sections in the MST have a Split Term of FIRST or SECOND, Skip Sections flagged for 'FIRST' or 'SECOND' half of the term checkboxes will display. Check one or both to skip initializing the Grade table for those sections. 

The Use Course Attendance instead of current sections option will only display in period, positive attendance schools. When this option is selected, all the students' classes within the date range will be pulled into the Grade table. When un-selected, only the current classes will pulled into the Grade (GRD) table.

The Update for One Section checkbox, if selected, will provide a field for one section number. If a section number is added, the process will be run for only that section. 

The Update Grade History (GRH) checkbox can be selected to copy the previous marks into the Grade History (GRH) table, prior to initializing the Grade table. If the checkbox is checked, a popup will display. Select the appropriate mark to copy to Grade History and press OK. Normally, the immediately previous mark is copied to GRH. For example, if the Grade table is being initialized for mark 3, mark 2 would be copied into GRH

If multiple tracks are set up, Include Students in these Tracks will include the students in the selected track(s) in the grade reporting cycle. 

Select the mark to be initialized from the Initialize Which Mark dropdown. 

After all options have been selected, click on the Initialize GRD Table button. A message containing the date that the Grade table was created will be displayed above the button.  

If Secondary Standards Based Grades have been defined for the report card, a message will appear in red stating that Secondary SBG will also be initialized for the grade range defined on the Secondary SBG Options page.

If the District Setting Total Attendance Across Campuses is checked and you initialize a new grade reporting cycle with Show Absences or Show Tardies included, then the total attendance for all sections of the same course, either at the same or different school, for this grade reporting period will be included. If this option is on, you will see the following reminder:


NOTE: Never create a new Grade (GRD) table in the middle of a grading cycle. This also means DO NOT reinitialize for the SAME grading cycle multiple times.  This process wipes out any marks already submitted for Work Habits/Comments and Citizenship. They ARE NOT recoverable.