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Matching Students

Update Test Tables

Here are specific instructions on how to load the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessments System (TELPAS) student results files, along with the TELPAS-Alternate (TELPASA) student results files. The process is identical for both tests. 

Navigate to School Info > Imports and Exports > Import Test Results

Select File Layout  

The Import Test Results process can import both the  TELPAS and TELPAS-Alternate student test results files. For best results, load test files at the district level when possible. The Import Test Results process will also add the new TELPAS test parts into the Testing Control (CTL) table. 

Select the proper TELPAS Test Results file layout to import the student results file. The data file must be in the format defined in the TELPAS/TELPAS-Alternate Student Data File Layout found on the Texas Education Agency Data File Formats website. Once the file is downloaded from the testing vendor, it should NOT be opened before importing into Aeries, as that sometimes breaks the format the import routine is expecting. When deciding which year file layout to use, select the file layout that was in effect when the data was downloaded. 

NOTE:  It is VERY important that the correct file layout be chosen to match the results file, as the TELPAS and TELPAS-Alternate file layouts are almost identical. Choosing the wrong layout for the file being imported will result in the test records being misidentified, and not aligning properly.

Import Test Results - Select file layout

Select Test Results File  

Once the file layout is selected, click on the Select File(s) to Load button, select the proper data file, and click on Open. Then continue to load and match the records.

Import Test Results - Select data file

The Default Date for the TELPAS test results is the first day of the month/year contained in the data file. The Testing Administration for the test results is MMYY where MM is the month of the Testing Administration Date and YY is the year of the Testing Administration Date. If desired, the test results may also be identified by the Source by choosing it from the drop-down menu, although the Source and Type fields are optional. If desired, additional values can be added by the Update Code Table process.

Import Test Results - Default Date and Testing Administration

Matching Students  

The Unique ID is the primary identification in the TELPAS Student Results data files. It should be the first method used for matching students. If there are still large numbers of students unmatched, you can also select other options for matching.

Import Test Results - Match Options

If students are still unmatched, you can print a report of the unmatched students by clicking on the button labeled Print Unmatched Students:

Import Test Results - Unmatched Student Report

Finally, students can be matched manually by searching by name or birthdate, or entering the Student ID number directly into the matching field. For best results, please match as many students as possible before loading the test results.

Import Test Results - Manually match students

Update Test Tables  

The TELPAS Test Results import will add/update records to the Test Scores (TST) and Testing Exclusions (TEX) tables. After the import process has completed an email with summary information will be sent to the user that initiated the import.

Import Test Results - Completion Email