The CAASPP Test Results report is a one page per student report that displays the student’s SBAC ELA and Math scaled scores and performance levels. The report is only available in the Aeries Web Version but can be run either at the District level or at the School level.

The Testing Control Tables (CSN, CTL and TNP) must be updated with the new Scale Score ranges prior to running the CAASPP Test Results report. The Client AdminCS must be run to add the most recent Scale Score ranges into the Aeries database prior to running the CAASPP Test Results report.

The CAASPP Test Results report can be found by filtering for CAASPP in the Reports option. Click on the CAASPP Test Results report name.

When run from a school the following page will display:

The CAASPP Test Results report can only be run for the SPRG16 testing administration forward. 

Reports can be created for either the Smarter Balanced (SBAC) or California Alternate Assessments (CAA) test results.

Select the test administration that you would like to run the reports for by selecting it from the Test Admin dropdown.

The Use Section Selector option will allow the report to be run for one or more Sections, Periods, Courses, Subject Areas or Departments. Select the Filter By option to bring up the sections that fall within that selection.

In the below example clicking on the Filter By Course brings up a list of all of the courses at the school. By default, all courses are selected. Use the mouse to click on one or more courses to run the report for. The CTRL key or the Shift key can be used in conjunction with the mouse click to select more than one course. In the below example three Algebra courses were selected, and then three sections were selected. When the Run Report button is clicked the CAASPP Test Results report will include the students in the three selected sections that have SBAC ELA or Math test results for the 2018-19 testing administration. The report will be sorted by teacher name, period, student name.

The Use Student Selector option will bring up a list of students. Use the mouse to select the students to print a report for. The CTRL key or Shift key can be used in conjunction with the mouse click to select more than one student. If no students are selected, then the report will include all students. The Sort by option at the bottom of the page will sort the report by student name, or grade then student name, or Counselor/Teacher# (STU.CU) and then student name.

Selecting the Print Graph in Gray option will print the graph portion of the report in grey-scale rather than color.

There are fewer options when the CAASPP Test Results report is run at the District level. At the District level a KEEP or SKIP query must also be run to limit the output of the report to ensure that the report processes in a timely manner and does not produce a PDF that is difficult to page through due to a large number of pages. A KEEP query on STU to limit the students to a certain grade range (ex. KEEP STU IF GR > 2 and GR < 13 )  or limit students to those that have test results in the testing administration (ex. KEEP STU IDN TST IF TST.ID = "SBAC" AND TST.TA = "SPRG19")  that they are going to print are two examples that can be used to satisfy the KEEP condition. If the report takes too long to process or the PDF is too large the queries could be altered to include a smaller group of students. 

The Run Report button will remain greyed-out until the KEEP or SKIP query has been run. The report is sorted by student name when run at the district level.

Below is an example of the CAASPP Test Results report.